Chilly, Noisy, All-Around Grumpy!

9 Apr

It has come to light that the different set of obnoxious neighbours I mentioned not too long ago… are actually the same neighbours that do all the peeking. They’re also drilling, constantly drilling. Who has extreme drilling needs in an apartment complex? The most alteration you are supposed to perform upon the walls is the installation of picture hooks. I felt guilty installing shelves held up by two tiny screws apiece (two tiny screws that in no way necessitated a power drill to install). What could they possibly be building in there??

I’m in an all-around terrible mood today. 1, I can’t escape my obnoxious neighbours! 2, it’s been ridiculously cold and grey here for the past few days. I’m in desperate need of some sunshine and warmth. Especially since the week I booked off from work begins tomorrow… I had visions of sitting out on my balcony with a cup of tea and a book. It’s beginning to seem like I’ll be spending the time in bed, swaddled in my heaviest blankets instead. Such is life.

Speaking of books, I just finished reading Generation A by Douglas Coupland. Next up is Will Greyson Will Greyson by John Green and David Levithan, which will be my 13th book of the year.

Bah ha ha! The cat was definitely just popping some bubble wrap that Steve left on the floor! Ah, bubble wrap… it’s truly a universal pleasure, no?


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