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Walking With Dinosaurs

27 Aug

Steve and I went to see Walking With Dinosaurs last night. It was amazing!! We were super high up, which ruined some of the magic and mystique (you could easily see the bases that the dinos are attached to, which help them lumber around the hockey rink), but it was still pretty rad. Rolling wooden bases aside, the dinosaurs looked incredibly real. Or at least… as real as I’d imagine. The one thing that bugged me was the models of the titanic dinosaurs all walked with their heads held up in the air. I suppose that was to create a more impressive effect, but I took an elective in dinosaurs when I was finishing up my B.A., and we learned that the titanic dinos probably walked with their heads held out in front of them, not up in the air, because if they held their heads way up in the air, they’d be passing out all the time from poor blood circulation to their brains. Just a niggly little detail but it bugged me a bit.

Anyway, I enjoyed the show, so if you have the chance to go see it, you should! Judging from my vantage point in the nosebleed section, I’d say the 200 block is probably your best place to sit. In the 100s you wouldn’t catch everything, but in the 300s, like I said, it gives a little bit too much “reality” away and makes it hard to really get lost in the spectacle.