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Top 5 Songs of the Moment.

16 Jul


I’m bored!

So I came here to list my top 5 songs of the moment!

Because that should keep me amused for awhile!

In no particular order… HERE WE GO!!

1 – Gimme Sympathy by Metric. This is perfect pop music. I love that opening, “Get… hot!” And the chorus makes me swoon! Who would you rather be, The Beatles or The Rolling Stones (Beatles, definitely Beatles)? Ahh, Emily Haines, you can do no wrong in my eyes. Honestly, Emily Haines is high on my list of people I’d trade places with for a day if I could. But even if she wasn’t, this song would still be all kinds of awesome.

2 – Please Please Me by The Beatles. Lots of people claim not to like early Beatles tunes, calling them the original boy band and so on and so forth, but hear me out on this one. I love the harmony that’s sung all on one note. I love the high note in the chorus. And I loooooove the way John’s voice sounds when he sings “come on.” I’m pretty sure that guttural tone is what sealed him as my favourite Beatle, forever and ever.  

3 – Hiroshima (B B B Benny Hit His Head) by Ben Folds. A clear homage to Elton John, but I don’t know enough about Elton John to know why, or what this song is about. I just really like bopping around to the chorus. “UH OH, OH OH!” 

4 – Your Heart Is An Empty Room by Death Cab For Cutie. Truly one of my favourite songs, not just by Death Cab, but by any band that I’ve ever heard. The twinkly guitars set off the lyrics so beautifully. “And all you see/ Is where else you could be when you’re at home/ And out on the street/ Are so many possibilities to not be alone.” So lovely, and makes me dwell on my early 20’s, ha ha!

5 – Man In The Mirror – Michael Jackson. I promise you I’m not one of those bandwagon-hoppers… not this time. Trust me, I’d tell you if I was, because well… I usually am! No, my current MJ phase actually began not with his passing, but the night I went to see Up with a friend, many weeks ago now. I was in the mood for some feel-good music so I put some classic Michael Jackson on as I drove to the theatre. It didn’t take long before I was singing along and dancing behind the wheel, endangering the lives of any and all nearby pedestrians. It was awesome, and I decided then and there that I should integrate more Michael Jackson music into my life. Because of this… I sort of feel like I killed him. Eek! ANYWAY… we all know how great this song is, you don’t need me to tell you. But can I just point out the fact that it contains perhaps the greatest lyric of all time? “As I turn up the collar on/ My favourite winter coat/ This wind is blowin’ my mind.” Clever, very clever! Also borderline cheesy… but it’s delivered in such a sincere way that you can’t help but love it.

So what’s on your playlist right now? C’mon, I need new music suggestions!