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Dear Brain, I’d Like Some Sleep…

22 Dec

It’s one of those nights. You know the kind of nights I mean. The ones where you’re exhausted beyond repair, and you really want to sleep, but your brain starts motoring along, telling you about all the things you ought to be doing instead of sleeping. Currently, my brain is very excited. It wants to read every unread book lining my bookshelf (and trust me, there are plenty). It also wants to re-read the Harry Potter books. It wants to watch the Harry Potter movies, too. And knit a Harry Potter scarf. Actually, according to a selection of online quizzes, I would be placed squarely in Ravenclaw, and thus my brain wants to knit not one, but two Harry Potter scarves: One in the book-purist colours (blue and bronze), and one in the movie colours (blue and grey, an arguably prettier colour scheme). My brain is also telling me to hurry up and finish cleaning the bedroom before xmas. Then it starts going on about all the xmas chores that I have yet to do (such as wrapping a single gift).

Clearly, my brain wants to be doing something right now. Even though I’m dead tired. Want some evidence of how tired I am? Today at work, a man who vaguely resembled Matthew Perry came through my till. For a moment, my heart leapt up and my eyes bulged out of my head, as I honestly believed I was ringing up soap for Chandler Bing. And tonight, upon noticing a very bright light shining off in the distance, I interpreted it as a firecracker over the Peace Tower. Never mind the fact that today is not a fireworks-worthy holiday (or a holiday of any sort, to the best of my knowledge). Never mind the fact that fireworks aren’t giving to hovering in the sky, frozen solid in mid-explosion.

It’s total monkey mind, my friends.

Fun fact: I read once that a far more significant portion of the population hears voices in their heads than what statistics would lead us to believe. Why? Because the voices aren’t always disturbing; they’re simply there. And nobody complains about it if it doesn’t bother them. I’m pretty sure I am one such person. The monkey in my mind never shuts up, quite frankly. As such, I believe he is deserving of a name. How about Alan?

And with that, I’m off to bed! Not to sleep, necessarily, but possibly to get started on a book, or perhaps a scarf.


I Am Going To Have The Best Day.

19 Aug

It’s my weekennnnnnnnnnd! YAY!

And of course, I plan for it to be awesome. Here is my to do list:

– Do some more organization in the apartment.
– Take a really long shower.
– Read in bed for a ridiculously long, self-indulgent amount of time.
– Wear purple eyeshadow (work doesn’t make a good purple and I’m only allowed to wear our makeup, so during the workweek purple doesn’t really fly).
– Get a hair cut for the first time in months.
– Go see Julie and Julia with my coworker.

And that’s just for today.

Things I Did Today.

13 Aug

Obtained my marriage license.
Took used books to The Book Market and sold a few for $6.75.
Took the remainder of the books to the other Book Market and sold a few more for $6.25.
Took the last of the books to Goodwill.
Bought a dresser at Ikea.
Drove to Bean Town and ironed out wedding details (seems we’re still on track).
Got a pizza with roasted garlic.

This is the first opportunity I’ve had since I woke up around 8 a.m. to just sit down.

Sit tight though… I have another book report coming your way!