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I Had The Worst Day!

21 Aug

…A fitting bookend to all the fabulous plans I had in mind.

It’s not something I particularly care to go on about in this blog, but suffice to say… people surprise me sometimes. But anyway. Onward and upward, no? Onward and upward, yes. The party must continue, regardless of the head count.

Wow, that kind of sounded like a metaphor for death. It’s literally a party that will have a shorter head count. Don’t get worried.

Anyway… now I’m home, and if nothing else… I have all my furniture! Except for the odd bit or bob that remains at my parents’ house. Just wall-hangings and the like. I will send Steve to retrieve them soon. In the meantime… we’re furnished! Not everything fits… but at least it’s here. We have shelves! Hooray!

Speaking of hooray, I saw a great movie yesterday! I went to see Julie and Julia with some co-workers. In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did… I think it’s because I could relate to Amy Adams’ character, which I didn’t think I would. Young woman moves from apartment she loves to apartment she doesn’t love so much, dreams of writing professionally but can’t quite make it work and so pursues a blog. In this day and age, who can’t relate to that character? So even though I’m not the biggest fan of either Julia Child or Amy Adams, I actually ended up really liking the movie. Go figure.

Okay kids… that’s all I got. Like I said… rough day. I’m tired.


All Moved In.

12 Aug

Sooooooo many boxes. Dear lord. When did I accumulate so much stuff? Why did I accumulate so much stuff?

The apartment is alright. Just alright. It’s certainly spacious, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be thrilled with this neighbourhood. We are literally connected to a retirement residence, did I mention that? Also, you can see into the nearby cemetery, which I have to admit, creeps me out. I’m a little superstitious. I throw salt over my shoulder, I knock wood, and I hold my breath when I drive past a cemetery. A minimum term of one year seems like too long for me to hold my breath.

Also, I can see downtown. This makes me feel like my soul is being eaten alive, because I really, really, really really really love downtown, and I really, really, really really really miss the days when I was a mere 20 minute walk from the core. Now it’s a 20 minute drive, and good luck finding somewhere to leave the car for less than ten bucks. Le sigh.

Anyway… like I said, it’s spacious, and even though all it’s really close to is my old middle school and a bunch of dead people, at least we have a car. So… it could be worse. I’m just really looking forward to the day when things couldn’t be better. Hopefully soon.

My thrilling life.

10 Aug

Blaaaaaah so much is happening. But I promised I wouldn’t abandon you and as such… here I am! With just a quick update to let you know what’s been going on… but hey, better than nothing, right?

Steve & I took a little out of town trip about a week ago now, to attend his friend’s wedding. It was nice, and kind of peculiar, and fun, and they really raised the bar on favours, giving everybody this crazy candy dish thing, all packaged up with glitter and a thank you note. Steve & I are sticking with mix cd’s and fudge. Sorry, wedding guests. Anyway, it was a tiring trip, even though we only went to Toronto. I don’t like travelling. At all. It makes me angry.

A bit of advice: You know what you should not do when you are in the final stages of planning your wedding? Attend someone else’s wedding. Because it will only serve to remind you how much you have yet to do. So, I’ve been in panic mode ever since we got back to town. “Oh no we have to write our vows because the officiant has to approve them but we can’t meet our officiant until we have procured our marriage license oh god when will we get our marriage license we never have time off together! And we have to have a meeting at the venue and Genevieve will be expecting us to have gotten things done but we can’t do our table arrangements because we are still waiting on reply cards and oh my goddddddddddd!”

And on top of that… we move into our new apartment tomorrow.

So that’s where I’ve been.

I’m very tired.

And yet, still going to see Funny People tonight! Yay!