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New Dress!

19 Feb

Aww, you guys, my mom bought me a new dress! Steve & I are going to a wedding in March and I really wanted something pretty to wear, but alas… we have no money. So Mom swept in and took me to Winners and bought me this pretty cocktail dress:

image via

It’s a lot nicer in person, but you get the idea, non? I loooooooove the colour. Love it.

It’s very different to the types of dresses I usually go for. I’m the quintessential “apple” shape so usually when I need a dress, I go for that 50’s silhouette… you know, tight bodice, flared in the skirt, that sort of thing. I’ve never had a dress this sleek before as they usually make me feel self conscious about my weight/general plumpness, but I figured just this once, I’d take a walk on the wild side. After all, what are Spanx for?┬áNow I just need to track down an affordable pair of nude heels to go with it.


Getting Back To The Lighter Things In Life…

18 Feb

Alright! It’s time to turn the focus of this blog back around again and quit being such a downer all the time. And so I bring you this, an open letter to Lady Gaga.

Dear Lady Gaga,

I have to confess something. I tried, I mean I really actively tried not to like you when you first started popping up everywhere (mainly on Perez Hilton’s website, which I was kind of obsessed with for a little while). I tut-tutted over your pantsless shenanigans and claimed to dislike your songs. I even proclaimed “Lovegame” to be the worst song ever written after I heard it for the first time. Just fyi, I totally did the same thing to Miley’s “Party In The USA” and I can’t lie, I love that song now too. The point is, I can be fickle. I hope we’re still cool. Your music is very, very good. It is fun and evocative and there’s nothing better for a total dance party (even if the number of guests is, um, limited to one).

I really deeply appreciate your vociferous support of the gay community even though I, myself, am not gay.

Also I appreciate the fact that you’ve made wacky lip colours mainstream now. I mean, it’s not really a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but I love the fact that in this post Gaga world, if I want to purchase lavender lipstick, I can easily do so at my local drugstore. Or in the very least at mac.

I’m sorry I tried to hate on you and said mean things about your music. And as for my criticisms of your outfits, it was probably just jealousy. I just don’t think I could pull off the no pants thing. The lavender lipstick though… I am all over that.

Thanks, Lady Gaga!


I Have Come To Voice A Potentially Unpopular Opinion

17 Feb

Hi, blog. You know me. I tend to shy away from the particularly incendiary topics. But there’s one that lately, I just can’t let go of…

Is there anybody out there who has yet to see the footage of Nodar Kumaritashvili’s fatal crash? Who the hell made the decision to make that footage public, and when do they issue the public apology? I thought it was incredibly disrespectful of any media outlet to air that footage, especially given the slow motion replay that they so delightfully treated their hapless viewers to.

Yes, it was a big news story, but did any of us actually need to see it replayed over and over and over again? Having unwittingly seen it, believing I was about to watch a video of the scene of the accident and a report on the incident, as opposed to the actual accident itself, I swear you can pinpoint the moment he loses his life. There’s no blood or gore, but it’s one of the most tragic, horrific scenes that I have ever witnessed.

It makes me wonder, do we not realize what we’re watching? No disrespect meant here, but it makes me think about that book The Hunger Games that I loved so very much. In The Hunger Games, competitors fight to the death for the amusement of spectators. Call me overdramatic, but hearing people talk about seeing that footage without so much as blinking an eye, even going so far as to graphically describe what they saw, well, it makes me feel like we’re really past the point of no return here. Watching a human being die is not “interesting” or amusing, nor do I think it’s particularly newsworthy, and I don’t much care to see it. Show the scene, hell, show me the aftermath once all the emergency vehicles have cleared out, but don’t show me the precise moment that a human being dies.

I wonder how many people watched that footage without ever really processing the fact that that’s what they were seeing. That wasn’t just another viral video. It’s practically a snuff film, as far as I’m concerned.

Maybe I’m overreacting. It just really seems to me like this was death as a spectator sport, and I cannot express how sad and sick that makes me feel.

Things I Did Today.

16 Feb

Happy Family Day, everyone!

I’m not kidding. Family Day is an actual, honest-to-gosh Canadian holiday. From what I understand, it came to be because people were complaining about the length of time between three day weekends, so the government created Family Day on February 15th. The premise is everybody deserves one day off a year to spend with their families. This makes me laugh for a couple of reasons: 1, as it’s not a “real” holiday, I know lots of people who had to work today, and 2, one day a year? Shouldn’t quality time with loved ones be an as-much-as-possible, or dare I say it, an everyday sort of activity? But I digress…

The point of this entry is to tell you how I spent my Family Day, because everybody loves a good list post!

+ I slept in ’til noon.

+ I procured hours and hours worth of new music. And proceeded to listen to all of it, except for the stuff I downloaded specifically for tomorrow night’s Girl Guides meeting. We’re having a karaoke dance party so I needed, y’know, Disney starlet stuff. But also Phoenix! Lots and lots of Phoenix! And Yeasayer! And Britney Spears remixes (which are actually leaps and bounds better than Disney starlet stuff, you cynics)!

+ I ate more cookie dough than was responsible, and suffered a tummy ache for it.

+ I watched old episodes of The Office with my husband.

+ I practiced my sewing. I feel that I have mastered threading the machine and winding the bobbin, and have improved greatly at sewing a straight line. Next up… going around curves and cutting out patterns.

+ I did yoga, you guys!! How long have I been saying that I want to get back into doing yoga? Well today I finally got started! Only about 5 minutes worth but it’s a start.

…and right this very moment, I am watching Alexandre Bilodeau receive his gold medal for Canada, and I am very much wishing I lived in B.C. Le sigh. Someday…

Dear Deer

12 Feb

Steve and I both had the day off today, so we went down to the Jack Pine Trail to feed chickadees. As soon as we got there, two deer passed about 30 feet ahead of us, walking through the brush as we kept to the path. Unfortunately there were no chickadees to speak of, so we progressed a little deeper into the woods in hopes of finding some. Eventually we came across a tree in which two fat chickadees sat, so we filled our palms with oil seeds and waited for the birds to come to us. Which they did. And then they called their friends. And then it was a nonstop chickadee party. So we started taking pictures of the birds… birds in our palms, birds on the top of my head… endless birds, everywhere! At this point, Steve is manning the camera and taking pictures of me in profile while birds land on my hat, so I slowly turn to face him so he can get a better shot.

And lo and behold, there’s a friggin’ white tailed deer standing not 15 feet away, staring us down with one ear cocked back as if to say, “Hey… whatcha feedin’ those birds? Got anything I might like?”

So naturally, we threw seeds at it. And it totally loved the seeds! So we stood there marvelling at this beautiful deer, and coaxing it closer and closer, and it was amazing. At one point, it must have been no more than 5 feet away from us.

So yeah. I definitely recommend that you visit the Jack Pine Trail sometime soon, if you can!

Fear of Flying

5 Feb

You guys, I have a problem! I seem to have developed an intense fear of flying.

Not that it impacts my day-to-day life or anything, but having just recently gotten married, I’m in the process of planning a honeymoon. Steve and I took a day long “minimoon” the day after the ceremony, but the plan was always to take our official honeymoon later. I didn’t think I could handle the stress of planning a wedding and a vacation at the same time, so we decided we’d take our honeymoon for our first anniversary instead. So lately I’m thinking more and more about the plans, and… oh noes I’m gonna have to fly.

I’ve never really liked flying. My mom has a deathly fear of flying and I think travelling with her taught me how to have that fear, too. I finally got over it, more or less, after a trip to B.C. On the flight home, I sat staring out the window, thinking that it was actually pretty cool being up in the air, in the clouds like that.

Yeah, then September 11th happened. I’ve taken planes since but I can’t say I’ve enjoyed it. Even still, I’ve been able to get on them. Lately though, I’m not so sure I can. I keep thinking about epic 8 hour flights to Europe and my heart starts beating uncontrollably. I feel like being sick. I thought just now, hey, how ’bout you alleviate some of the panic by reading up on the statistical odds of being in a plane crash? The lowest figure I found was something like one in nine million. You know my immediate reaction? I don’t like those odds. One in nine million, and I still don’t feel safe? I think it’s safe to say I’m on the cusp of a bona fide phobia here. I feel nervous just writing about this!

I wonder where it’s coming from. Paranoia? Intuition? Too many episodes of Lost?

You Guyyyyyys… I’m Borrrrrrrred.

4 Feb

Oh, hello February rut.

Every year, around this time, I have a little phase where I feel like my skin is constantly crawling. I feel like I’m literally itching for new projects and new adventures. There’s usually some sort of stumbling point, though. Lack of money, lack of time, lack of motivation, some combination thereof.

This year I’m doing prep work. I have a hard time getting anything done if my surroundings aren’t at least minimally organized. Today I finally finished unpacking everything in the bedroom. Keep in mind, we moved here in August. Yikes. I think I’ve mentioned before how we never really settled in because we see this place as a temporary dwelling… hopefully very temporary… but that doesn’t negate the fact that we had to sign a one year lease. It finally clicked that even under the best possible circumstances, we’re still going to be stuck here for months. So while I’m not going to shell out the cash (and time) to paint the place, I suppose I can, in the very least, get things put away and hang pictures up on the walls.

Once the place is cleaned up, my major desires are to learn to sew and draw. I have this concept for a comic strip that’s been incubating in my brain for more than a year now, but the fact that I don’t have even the most rudimentary of artistic skills prevents me from making it a reality. Part of me feels like drawing is probably one of those things that you either can or cannot do, but what the hell. No harm in trying to improve.

I also want to spend some quality time with my old guitar. I’ve barely touched the thing in years, which is funny when you think about how much it meant to me when I was a teenager. In any event, The All-Acoustic Fun Time Michael Jackson Revue was a nice idea, but I lack the skills to execute it. Maybe next year? Maybe by summer, if I genuinely commit to practicing? Maybe maybe, always maybe…

I can’t wait for April. I need some warmth.