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Surpriiiiise! Also, Hot Air Balloons.

7 Sep

I forgot to mention the other day when I was listing awesome things, that one morning when I woke up there were a million hot air balloons in the sky! It was 7 in the morning or so, and I was taking a moment to check my email before getting ready for work, and something caused me to glance over toward the windows…. I think I was trying to ascertain where the cat was… and I did a double take when I saw all the hot air balloons in the sky! I was wearing only a yellow towel but I ran out to the balcony to take photos anyway. None of them turned out very well, but still! I know what they are.

Someday I want to ride in a hot air balloon. I used to see them launching from this field that’s located just in front of my university campus. They’re just so beautiful and amazing! I mean, big balloons in the sky with baskets dangling from them that you can ride in? Come on!! As if you don’t think that’s the only way to travel! At the same time… I’m scared of them. I’ve heard of people dying because their balloons drifted too close to a power line, and… zap. Also I’m generally scared of heights. But maybe one day! Maybe one day I’ll ride in a balloon!

My fan club at work dropped by the other day, but I wasn’t there to see them. However, they left me a present! They brought me chocolate bars! Hooray! What’s more, these chocolate bars have some significance… I can’t tell you what, because it would be a dead giveaway as to exactly where I work, and while I don’t mind dropping hints (some more obvious than others), I don’t want to be too terribly explicit about it. So you’ll probably never uncover the mystery of my chocolate bars. But let me just say… they are delicious. God bless the cocoa bean.

As for today, and why it will be awesome… It’s Labour Day! Therefore, nothing is open. Therefore, not only do I not have to work, but I don’t have the option of going anywhere to run errands, and thus I am literally being forced to take a day off. Days like this feel to me like the government is going “Look… we know you’re stressed. We also know that given the choice, you’re going to use your time off to get non-work-related jobs done. So we’re just going to make sure nothing is accessible today, because you can’t be trusted to just take a day to yourself and chill.” Thanks for looking out for me, government!

Lastly… Steve is sick. He has 13 days to feel better before the wedding, so I’m not worried about that. I am worried about him making me sick just in time for the wedding, however. It usually takes me about two weeks to shake a cold. I do feel a little tickly in the throat. Hopefully it will either hit me quick and pass even faster, or my immune system can fight this thing! Wish me luck.


Eeek! Sorry, Blog!

6 Sep

Hi, Blogland…

As Steve and I are going to be married in oh, two weeks, I’m sure it’s understandable as to why I haven’t been posting regularly as of late. However, let it be known that 61 Days of Pure Awesome is going amazingly so far. Apparently if you tell the universe you expect things to be grand, things start to become grand. A quick recap and summary of things that have happened in the past 5 days…

I made ginger peanut soup, matzo ball soup, bread, and chocolate chip cookies.

I got high fived by the barista in Starbucks who asked me, “How are you living your life that you’re this happy?” (she meant it in a nice way and said my good attitude was “infectious”… awwwww!)

I got a free dark chocolate chiller from Second Cup from the super sweet cutie boy who works there. He is bringing a resume to my shop tomorrow and I am giving him mad recommendations because everyone who’s met him absolutely loves him. I don’t even know his name but I know he’s wonderful!

We got our bridesmaid dresses. I can’t even express what a relief this is.

Also, apparently I have a fan club at work. Last week, three awesome ladies came in… I think it was a mother and her two daughters. We spent a good chunk of time together and the older lady said to me, “I don’t give compliments often, but you are a great salesperson!” They’re going to come in for makeovers with me and apparently they’ve concocted some sort of surprise because they enjoyed me so much! They called this afternoon and my co-worker started acting peculiar and secretive, so something’s up.

Excuse me a moment, but what’s up, world??! I have to say, I’ve never considered myself a terribly lucky person. But the tides have really been changing lately and all of a sudden, things are just… totally peachy. I’m almost scared to question it because I don’t want to jinx it. But I absolutely cannot complain about anything right now. Life is just toooooo good.

And for once, I’m not even waiting for the other shoe to drop.

61 Days of Pure Awesome – Day 2: Real Food

2 Sep

So apparently a big part of having an awesome day is cooking really good food. Yesterday I made matzo ball soup and today I baked bread. Me! I baked bread! Without the aid of a breadmaker, no less!

I love real food. I never really learned how to cook, because nobody in my family really cooks. Our family always put the priority on speed and convenience over flavour and nutritional value. Steve, on the other hand, is a great cook, so ever since we moved in together last year, I’ve been letting him take the reins wherever cooking is involved. Lately though, I’ve been feeling like I want to be able to cook too. I guess I want to feel more self sufficient… I mean, Steve can’t always be around to feed me. So I’ve been collecting recipes and experimenting with delicious things. So far so good but my god, cooking makes a mess!

I also spent a large portion of today cleaning… we’re still not entirely moved into the new apartment yet. I want everything put away by the end of the week, so I can really crack down and focus on the wedding.

So, we’ll see what happens.

It’s September!

1 Sep

So I’m sitting here on my day off, wasting time that I don’t really have, and out of nowhere it hits me… today is September 1st!


Dude, I love September. September and October are neck-and-neck in the race for what is my favourite month. I think October has a slight edge because of Halloween (which, while I don’t participate in it actively myself, I do still love dearly). I guess I just love Fall. Fall is what really feels like the new year for me. Maybe because it’s when school starts, and all the repeated new beginnings have me conditioned to see it as a time of self-improvement and renewal? Which is weird when you think about it, since everything around you is dying. Don’t old people refer to their final years as their “Autumn years”?

Anyway, cumulatively, September and October adds up to 61 days. I hereby pledge, starting today, to embark upon 61 Days of Pure Awesome. I am going to make the most of every single one of these days, starting today. This doesn’t necessarily mean rollicking adventure day in and day out… it just means I refuse to have a single day where I catch myself thinking “Wow, I slept the whole day away!” or “I can’t believe I was on the computer for nine hours!” (It absolutely happens sometimes.) I am going to fill the next two months with books, adventures, cooking, general productivity, and oh yeah… my wedding. 19 more sleeps.

Welcome to 61 Days of Pure Awesome.