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Something Is Wrong With My Brain

19 Aug

So, I’ve been having this weird experience lately, where I’m… stupider than usual. And my base level of intelligence is not such that I can afford to randomly lose brain power.

Basically what’s happening, is I’m carrying on like a doddering octogenarian. I’ll start doing something, but get sidetracked, and then completely lose track of what I was doing to begin with. I’m forgetting words. I’m forgetting events. I borrowed a screwdriver from my mom the other day, and when I saw her later that same day, she asked me where I put it… I was like “I dunno, I can’t remember where I put it down when I got in last night.” She then spent at least five minutes trying to convince me I had picked it up that very morning. Stuff like that.

I’m tempted to blame the heat, or being dehydrated, or the all-crap diet that I subsisted on for the duration of my stay with my parents… but I honestly don’t know. Maybe I just really am getting old.