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Oh, Husband…

27 Apr

Hiiiiii guyyyyyys. I know, I know… it’s been a long time. Wrist slap! But let’s get over that and move on, because I have a story for you, and I think it’s going to make you laugh.

Steve has a tendency to hog the bed. He’ll deny this up and down, but Brownies Honour, you guys, he always manages to position himself smack dab in the centre of the mattress at some point (usually several points) in the night.

So tonight, I find him mashed up against me as per usual, so I give him a gentle nudge and say “Sweetie, you can’t have the whole bed”. He grumbles a little in his sleep, rolls from his side onto his back, granting me a little more room… then he reaches over and, no word of a lie, swats me on the bum. Not hard or anything (might I remind you that he is 100%, wholly, entirely asleep at this moment), but a swat definitely took place. So I made this face…


…and I said to him, “Did you just spank me?”. And I promise you, his response was a laugh rendered no less devilish by the fact that he was out like a light.

Say it with me, everyone… MLIA!


Xmas Tires Me Out.

26 Dec

Xmas is my favourite time of the year and I appreciate every wonderful thing that comes along with it.

But goddamn, it makes me tired.

Working in retail this time of year, exhaustion creeps up on you starting in November. Things just get busier and busier and busier until eventually, you’re literally standing at the cash register for 8 hours, getting sore cheeks from smiling and a sore throat from talking to so many people. You feel like you are Always. At. The. Mall., because when you’re not working, you’re shopping. The din is deafening, the crowds are maddening… it’s fun in its own way, and I try not to complain about it because quite frankly, I think if combatting the mall parking lot is your biggest worry in life, you really have nothing to whine about, but the exhaustion does come. And when it comes, it comes full force.

I am generally predisposed to two things on xmas day: Napping, and dissolving into tears at the end of it all. Check, annnnd… check! But that said, I am fine now, and truly it was a banner year. Amazing food, incredibly thoughtful presents, and spending the whole day with my hubby… good stuff, all of it.

Still… you know that song that goes, “I wish it could be xmas every day,” or something like that? I’m really glad it’s not.

Wish me luck tomorrow. I open, and it’s a double whammy: Boxing Day + the Saturday after xmas… sounds to me like we have a recipe for chaos!

Eeek! Sorry, Blog!

6 Sep

Hi, Blogland…

As Steve and I are going to be married in oh, two weeks, I’m sure it’s understandable as to why I haven’t been posting regularly as of late. However, let it be known that 61 Days of Pure Awesome is going amazingly so far. Apparently if you tell the universe you expect things to be grand, things start to become grand. A quick recap and summary of things that have happened in the past 5 days…

I made ginger peanut soup, matzo ball soup, bread, and chocolate chip cookies.

I got high fived by the barista in Starbucks who asked me, “How are you living your life that you’re this happy?” (she meant it in a nice way and said my good attitude was “infectious”… awwwww!)

I got a free dark chocolate chiller from Second Cup from the super sweet cutie boy who works there. He is bringing a resume to my shop tomorrow and I am giving him mad recommendations because everyone who’s met him absolutely loves him. I don’t even know his name but I know he’s wonderful!

We got our bridesmaid dresses. I can’t even express what a relief this is.

Also, apparently I have a fan club at work. Last week, three awesome ladies came in… I think it was a mother and her two daughters. We spent a good chunk of time together and the older lady said to me, “I don’t give compliments often, but you are a great salesperson!” They’re going to come in for makeovers with me and apparently they’ve concocted some sort of surprise because they enjoyed me so much! They called this afternoon and my co-worker started acting peculiar and secretive, so something’s up.

Excuse me a moment, but what’s up, world??! I have to say, I’ve never considered myself a terribly lucky person. But the tides have really been changing lately and all of a sudden, things are just… totally peachy. I’m almost scared to question it because I don’t want to jinx it. But I absolutely cannot complain about anything right now. Life is just toooooo good.

And for once, I’m not even waiting for the other shoe to drop.