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Holy Cow, It’s HOT!

15 Aug

It’s too damn hot.

I’m not good at this sort of weather. I hate sweating. The past 3 days or so, I am always moist. It’s disgusting. I live in a 15th floor apartment with no curtains, which cranks the heat factor up exponentially. The only things that have made it remotely bearable are:

– Ponytail holders, because my hair went from “I’d like it an inch longer” to “Let’s cut off three inches” seemingly overnight.

– Wet washcloths for direct application to sweaty bits i.e. forehead and neck.

– Frozen grapes.

– Homemade iced tea.

And right now, I’m about to take a nice cool bath.

For the record, I am not one of those people who snarked their way through unseasonably chilly July, only to turn around during this heat wave and start bitching about it being too hot now. I may have had a coarse word or two for the sheer volume of rain that we experienced, but I liked our cold, cold July. I want it back! August, I hate you!