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Eeek! Sorry, Blog!

6 Sep

Hi, Blogland…

As Steve and I are going to be married in oh, two weeks, I’m sure it’s understandable as to why I haven’t been posting regularly as of late. However, let it be known that 61 Days of Pure Awesome is going amazingly so far. Apparently if you tell the universe you expect things to be grand, things start to become grand. A quick recap and summary of things that have happened in the past 5 days…

I made ginger peanut soup, matzo ball soup, bread, and chocolate chip cookies.

I got high fived by the barista in Starbucks who asked me, “How are you living your life that you’re this happy?” (she meant it in a nice way and said my good attitude was “infectious”… awwwww!)

I got a free dark chocolate chiller from Second Cup from the super sweet cutie boy who works there. He is bringing a resume to my shop tomorrow and I am giving him mad recommendations because everyone who’s met him absolutely loves him. I don’t even know his name but I know he’s wonderful!

We got our bridesmaid dresses. I can’t even express what a relief this is.

Also, apparently I have a fan club at work. Last week, three awesome ladies came in… I think it was a mother and her two daughters. We spent a good chunk of time together and the older lady said to me, “I don’t give compliments often, but you are a great salesperson!” They’re going to come in for makeovers with me and apparently they’ve concocted some sort of surprise because they enjoyed me so much! They called this afternoon and my co-worker started acting peculiar and secretive, so something’s up.

Excuse me a moment, but what’s up, world??! I have to say, I’ve never considered myself a terribly lucky person. But the tides have really been changing lately and all of a sudden, things are just… totally peachy. I’m almost scared to question it because I don’t want to jinx it. But I absolutely cannot complain about anything right now. Life is just toooooo good.

And for once, I’m not even waiting for the other shoe to drop.


Ha ha… happy.

3 Sep

Today in Starbucks, the barista asked me how I was living my life to make me so happy. She called it “infectious.” It was pretty great.

Funny thing is, just moments before entering the shop, I had been reflecting on what a rough year Steve and I had… how broke we were. Don’t get me wrong, we’re still broke… but we’re not so broke that we can’t pay the bills, which is how broke we used to be. So I did have this moment of pure, unadulterated happiness right before walking in the door, where I thought about how crap my job is and how crap my neighbourhood is and how I really don’t care, because we’re fine. Everything’s okay.

Sad that it boils down to money. However, I take solace in the fact that I’m not sad about still being under the poverty line, because we definitely are. I’m happy, really happy, because we have what we need to get by, so I can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying things. So even though it’s money bringing me that happiness, it’s not like I expect more money to bring me further happiness. This is probably it, on the happiness barometer, as far as having money goes.

Anyway. I’m glad I’m going around spreading infectious happiness.