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Mmmmmm, NUTS.

31 Mar

I am very pleased with my brazil nut body butter.

That is all.


Things are looking up!

25 Mar

Steve found a volunteer position the other day. Naturally, as soon as he committed to that, someone called offering him a job. Or rather, saying he should come in for a computer test, and if he did well, then he’d be offered the job. He did the computer test and came home laughing over how easy it was, so this looks promising. It’s a crap job, to be sure… but it’s a JOB! We can pay our bills now! We won’t be staying with my mom and dad indefinitely! I am so excited, it warrants a whole mess of exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I, myself, am still waiting on word from the university. But with Steve working, it means I can afford a class or two at the college if the university doesn’t let me in. So either way, all my bases are covered.

Today is an absolutely gorgeous day. Still a bit of a chill in the air, but I like it because it means the bugs won’t come out yet. And it’s not so cold that we can’t open the windows and air the place out. I slept for close to 12 hours last night, which I really needed as the past couple days have been busy and tiring. So, I feel pretty good, the weather is amazing… perhaps the tides are changing!

Looking forward to it…

22 Mar

+ Going to see I Love You Man with Steve tonight.

+ My next paycheque.
+ related: Paying off Mastercard. This is set to happen within 2 to 3 months. They thought they finally had me because for once in my life, I started carrying a balance. You don’t have me, suckers! You will NEVER have me!!

+ Hearing from the university. Just to know for sure.

+ My next haircut. It’s not scheduled as yet but damn… I need one.

+ Finally being able to buy new clothes again. I’m actually considering applying for a 2nd job at a clothing store just so I have an excuse.

+ The day I finally, finally find a job I enjoy. It might not happen anytime soon… but I know it has to happen eventually.

+ The wedding, duh.

+ Melissa moving back to town (!!).

First day of spring.

20 Mar

We have survived another Ottawa winter.

Every year I say to myself, “THIS IS THE LAST TIME!” and yet I never leave. Eventually I’ll find myself in warmer climes…

That being said, I think the fact that the winters here are so harsh just makes it That Much Better when Spring finally arrives. And today, it officially has! Welcome, Spring 2009! It’s gonna be a good one, I can feel it.

The fun fishbowl.

19 Mar

Steve & I once actually managed to kill 2 fish in the span of 24 hours. I won’t go into the gory details but suffice to say, we’ve had a fishbowl sitting around for almost a year now, holding nothing. Just taking up space. I kind of can’t stand stuff that just takes up space, but I couldn’t bear to part with this fishbowl. Because my fishbowl is shaped like a large fish. When there’s an actual fish inside, it looks like he’s been consumed. Like I said, though… no fish for us. Never again. We are clearly unfit fish caretakers. So what to do with this rad fishbowl, then?

Steve had a brilliant idea.

Today, we wrote down a bunch of fun activities on slips of paper… things like “Take a nice stroll” and “Get kites. FLY KITES!”. We folded the slips in two and… you guessed it!… put them inside the fishbowl. Now it’s the Fun Fishbowl, and every time we feel so inclined, we will pull an activity out of it and said activity must be followed through on, with few exceptions.

The exceptions are as follows:
1) If we are precluded from participating in said activity on account of inclement weather, said activity is vetoed and new activities drawn until an “indoor” activity is drawn.
2) If it is a beautiful day and we particularly want to be outside but draw an indoor activity, we are free to veto that activity and pull an “outdoor” activity instead.
3) We can never veto an activity just because one (or even both) of us doesn’t “want” to do it. An activity can only be vetoed for what can be considered a valid reason (see exceptions 1 and 2).

Today we pulled 2 activities. The first was just a “demonstration” activity, but we completed it anyway. That slip of paper read “Let’s high five!” so really, how could we not? Then Steve pulled an activity, which was “have a dvd marathon (at least three movies)”. So we walked over to Blockbuster and rented Milk, W., and Happy Go Lucky. Milk made me cry, W. was about what I expected, and we’ve yet to watch Happy Go Lucky. We are taking a break so that Steve can prepare dinner (soup!). I think that’s allowed because, well, we sort of mistimed this whole movie marathon thing. We have to eat. So Happy Go Lucky will be watched while the soup is simmering.

In other news, I should NOT eat butter tarts, ever ever ever again. I love them but they hurt my stomach so bad. It’s unfortunate that I don’t partake of them so frequently that I am actually able to remember exactly how bad. I’ll get a craving, pick some up, eat one, experience the burning fires, swear that I’ll never eat another butter tart… then go a month, forget about the indigestion, get another craving, and the whole vicious cycle starts all over again.

The end.


18 Mar

I wish the university would get back to me already. How long can it take to check a file? And I wish wish wish that when they DO get back to me, they’ll tell me I can have what I asked for.

I wish I didn’t have to move back to the suburbs.

I wish some new job opportunities would just present themselves. It’s not that I’m unwilling to work (as proven by my current willingness to stick it out at a job that I more or less hate every moment of), it’s just that I can’t help but feel cheated… 27 years old with an education and still sells soap at the mall? Weak. But what does that education even qualify me for that’s any better? I don’t know where to begin. Note that I’m not asking for a new job to fall into my lap… just that I’d like the opportunities to make themselves known.

I wish I had enough storage space for all my stuff.
I wish I could stop compulsively buying more stuff.

I wish I was a good songwriter so that I could still derive some pleasure from that particular creative outlet. Singing other peoples’ songs does nothing for me anymore. Hasn’t since high school ended. I daresay I’ve actually gone and lost my voice.

I wish I didn’t care so much about my double chin and how chubby my arms are going to look in that wedding gown…

I wish I could drag my ass out of bed before noon.

I wish my body didn’t ache all the time.

I wish I could win the lottery so money would never be a stressor ever again.

I wish stress could roll off my back the way it seems to for some people.

I wish I had better luck sometimes.

The payoff…

18 Mar

Here’s what we (Steve and I) ended up doing today:

+ Went to the used bookstore. The one I wanted to go to was closed (dunno why!) so we had to go to The Book Market. Prices erring just this side of being too high + a craptacular selection = no new books for us.

+ Played in Toys R Us. I really want to buy the Game of Life.

+ Went to Perkins and ate breakfast for dinner. I had a short stack and breakfast potatoes and I definitely got the feeling our waitress hated us a little bit. What are you, against LOVE?? Maybe she just hates pancakes and all the people who eat them.

+ Came home and watched a hockey game, followed by Ghost World. Ghost World is a lot more romantic-slash-depressing than I remember it being.

+ I am now planning a bath to ease my achy back. Dunno what’s going on with it but my lower back has been sore for the past two or three days. I’m a chronic back pain sufferer (sciatica, represent!) but it’s different this time. Less stabby (that’s good!), but seems to be affecting a greater expanse of my body (that’s bad).

For tomorrow, I’m looking forward to laundry and a short shift at work.

Incidentally, when I say “looking forward to,” I mean “dreading with every fibre of my being.” Notsomuch the laundry; the laundry I can deal with. It’s my job, man… I’m getting sick of the sound of my own voice. Everybody has a “retail voice” and mine is just a leetle too close to Paris Hilton territory for my own comfort. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try to talk like Roseanne. That’d be fun.

What should I do today…?

17 Mar

Happy St. Pat’s!

With that out of the way… I’m bored! I’ve never been one to enjoy the crowded bar scene, much less green beer, so what to do with myself today?

It’s brainstorming time. I could…

+ Stay inside all day and kill time on the laptop, clicking endlessly back and forth between facebook, twitter, gmail, and google reader. (This is what I do pretty much all the time. It’s getting old.)

+ I could bake cookies.

+ I could go out and take a long walk.

+ I could throw open the windows, curl up in bed, read a little bit of The House At Pooh Corner, thumb through some old magazines, and have a nap.

+ I could take a nice bubble bath.

+ I could go do some laundry.

+ I could watch a nice dvd.

+ I could go out to dinner.

+ I could go out to dinner and THEN watch a nice dvd.

+ I could try to knit something.

Apparently I have lots of options.

Just a little gripe…

16 Mar

After a long spell of “no nail varnish at work except our brand!”, the shop I work at has finally discontinued their small and grandmotherly range of polishes. Yay! I can paint my nails up all pretty again!

Only problem is, I’ve heard tell that black polish is verboten.

In an age of visible tattoos and celebrity wardrobe malfunctions… black nail varnish is considered too risque?


I’m not actually terribly given to wearing black on my nails… but I do wear a lot of colours that are so deep as to appear black. I hope those still fly.

Super Chappy McChappersons

14 Mar

My lips feel like raisins, and have for quite some time now. They’ve been peeling. Having peely lips makes me feel disgusting.

I’ve been routinely scrubbing them with olive oil and sugar and lubing them up with various salves and balms but to no avail.

This is particularly sad because in my time I’ve amassed quite a nice collection of pale, Spring-y lippies, and I am dyyyyyyyying to wear them! Sadly, it’s just not in the cards. I keep trying but pale lipstick + chapped lips = gross gross ho’bag.