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Best. Summer. Ever.

13 Jul

Slowly but surely, this is shaping up to be the best summer ever. My class is pretty fun, I’ve been going out on my bike a lot, I got a new tattoo that I love which just so happens to cover up an old monstrosity that I always hated, Steve and I are making plans for our honeymoon (at last!), and on Sunday I bought a hula hoop.

In spite of the fact that a) my class is enjoyable and b) we just got back from a 2 week break, I’m debating about skipping this evening. Ooh, naughty girl. I just feel like for the past few weeks, all my time has been accounted for. I want to play hookey so I can stay in and watch a movie and hoop for hours. The responsible adult in me says go. The terrible student in me says stay home.

Tomorrow is Wednesday and I intend to spend the whole day doing nothing, nothing at all!