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Pre-wedding Blahs?

29 Aug

If moods had a colour, mine would be decidedly beige lately. Or possibly the colour of vomit. Does vomit have a consistent colour? If it does, that’s the colour of my moods. Which is weird because rightfully, I should be one happy little piggy right now. I’ll be married in less than a month, we’re not completely ghetto po’ for the first time in over a year, I got to see Walking With Dinosaurs, I scored a bunch of free stuff from work lately… and speaking of work, I have the least stressful job in the world.

So whyyyyy am I freaking out??

The past two weeks I’ve felt rather on the brink of complete mental collapse. It’s probably just pre-wedding stress… in fact, I’m sure it is… but I wish I could figure out how to quell it. Because soon, yes, the wedding will be over and done with, but that doesn’t mean all the stress in the world is going to disappear with it. I need better coping mechanisms!

Anyone have any suggestions?


Walking With Dinosaurs

27 Aug

Steve and I went to see Walking With Dinosaurs last night. It was amazing!! We were super high up, which ruined some of the magic and mystique (you could easily see the bases that the dinos are attached to, which help them lumber around the hockey rink), but it was still pretty rad. Rolling wooden bases aside, the dinosaurs looked incredibly real. Or at least… as real as I’d imagine. The one thing that bugged me was the models of the titanic dinosaurs all walked with their heads held up in the air. I suppose that was to create a more impressive effect, but I took an elective in dinosaurs when I was finishing up my B.A., and we learned that the titanic dinos probably walked with their heads held out in front of them, not up in the air, because if they held their heads way up in the air, they’d be passing out all the time from poor blood circulation to their brains. Just a niggly little detail but it bugged me a bit.

Anyway, I enjoyed the show, so if you have the chance to go see it, you should! Judging from my vantage point in the nosebleed section, I’d say the 200 block is probably your best place to sit. In the 100s you wouldn’t catch everything, but in the 300s, like I said, it gives a little bit too much “reality” away and makes it hard to really get lost in the spectacle.

Predicting Better Things…

25 Aug

I am on my “weekend” right now.

Last week was a close approximation to hell. Lots of arguing and stress and snippy customers and then yesterday, when I was getting ready for work, I stepped on a packet of nails. They were clean nails, and my tetanus immunization records are all up to date and what not anyway, but trust me, a bunch of clean nails hurt just as much as dirty ones would when they’re dangling from your heel.

So that sucked.

But today, today will be better! 1, I have the day off, so no snippy customers will bother me today. 2, I slept in to the ridiculously indulgent hour of 10 a.m. 3, I took samples of bubble bath from the shop so I can have a niiiiiice relaxing bath to kick off the day. 4, I can wear blue jeans today instead of dress pants! God I hate the dress code… 5, there are books waiting for me at the public library. 6, I may or may not bake muffins today.

And tomorrow… I’m going to see WALKING WITH DINOSAURS! So I’m definitely looking forward to that.

Sad Apple.

24 Aug

I feel kind of blue today. No blog 4 u.

Please To Adjust The Attitude.

23 Aug

I had two crummy customers today. One of them acted like I was trying to fleece her, when I wasn’t even trying to sell her anything. I was, in fact, simply¬†explaining the differences between anti-perspirant vs. deodorant. She was dubious that such differences exist… ultimately, she just left me with the impression that she is a very, very sweaty woman. So her, I sort of feel sorry for.

Can’t say I harbour any such kindly feelings toward the snobbish young man who spoke to me in a voice dripping with sarcasm when all I was trying to do was answer the questions he asked me in the first place. Not being much in the mood to play the doormat today, I used equally sarcastic tones when I apologized for not being able to be more of service.

Working in retail teaches you some hard lessons. You learn pretty quickly that the human race is, on the whole, pretty awful, for example. Also you learn that the notion of “what goes around comes around” is a bold-faced lie.

Allow me to illustrate: In retail, 80% of your interactions with the customers will be completely unremarkable. 5% will be awesome. And a full 15% will be awful, enraging, humiliating, or some combination thereof. At first you will be tempted to believe that the truly awful people are leading very unhappy lives, and that they’re just taking it out on you. As time goes by… you begin to realize that no, these people aren’t unhappy, or bitter, or dealt the short stick. These are just mean people with superiority complexes, people who think they’re somehow better than you because you work at the mall and they don’t.

As a general rule, I try to be fairly pleasant with people. There’s part of me that really does believe what goes around comes around, so… I try to be nice. But dealing with a big enough jerk makes me question that. The thing about being nice is that it necessitates a lack of defenses. You can’t be a nice person if your guard is always up. Big jerks make me always want to have my guard up. Nice people never seem to win and I’m sick of losing… but wouldn’t acting more callous myself, just contribute to the overall problem?

So… what to do? Do I just take it on the jaw when people try to bring me down, and continue trying to be nice because there are already enough mean, guarded people out there (they’re quite frankly the ones who are ruining it for the rest of us), or do I harden myself against it, assuming that everybody is just out to get me and steeling myself against social interaction?

Also, how do you avoid letting a jerk like that bring down your whole day?

Just curious.

Apartment Problems.

22 Aug

Steve and I are having two minor problems right now.

Problem the first: The dial in our fridge (with which you control the level of coldness) has letters on it, not numbers. I have never seen such a thing before in my life. It was set to B when we got here, and my milk is never cold enough and I can’t figure out whether I should turn the dial to A or C! Halp!

Problem the second: The cat, ohmigod the cat. Steve’s cat, Punk, finally came to join us when his parents brought the rest of our stuff up. One of the reasons I’ve always, well, hated Punk, is that he stays up the entire night, crying and crying and crying. Okay, not the entire night… I mean, he’s sleeping at some point. But like clockwork, at 3 a.m. and 7:30 a.m., he cries and cries and cries. Steve says he’s probably anxious from the move, and I agree, he probably is, but let’s face it… we had the same problem at the old apartment, and it didn’t stop for the entire year that we lived there. Again, HALP!

Otherwise… things are going pretty swimmingly.

I Had The Worst Day!

21 Aug

…A fitting bookend to all the fabulous plans I had in mind.

It’s not something I particularly care to go on about in this blog, but suffice to say… people surprise me sometimes. But anyway. Onward and upward, no? Onward and upward, yes. The party must continue, regardless of the head count.

Wow, that kind of sounded like a metaphor for death. It’s literally a party that will have a shorter head count. Don’t get worried.

Anyway… now I’m home, and if nothing else… I have all my furniture! Except for the odd bit or bob that remains at my parents’ house. Just wall-hangings and the like. I will send Steve to retrieve them soon. In the meantime… we’re furnished! Not everything fits… but at least it’s here. We have shelves! Hooray!

Speaking of hooray, I saw a great movie yesterday! I went to see Julie and Julia with some co-workers. In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did… I think it’s because I could relate to Amy Adams’ character, which I didn’t think I would. Young woman moves from apartment she loves to apartment she doesn’t love so much, dreams of writing professionally but can’t quite make it work and so pursues a blog. In this day and age, who can’t relate to that character? So even though I’m not the biggest fan of either Julia Child or Amy Adams, I actually ended up really liking the movie. Go figure.

Okay kids… that’s all I got. Like I said… rough day. I’m tired.

I Am Going To Have The Best Day.

19 Aug

It’s my weekennnnnnnnnnd! YAY!

And of course, I plan for it to be awesome. Here is my to do list:

– Do some more organization in the apartment.
– Take a really long shower.
– Read in bed for a ridiculously long, self-indulgent amount of time.
– Wear purple eyeshadow (work doesn’t make a good purple and I’m only allowed to wear our makeup, so during the workweek purple doesn’t really fly).
– Get a hair cut for the first time in months.
– Go see Julie and Julia with my coworker.

And that’s just for today.

Something Is Wrong With My Brain

19 Aug

So, I’ve been having this weird experience lately, where I’m… stupider than usual. And my base level of intelligence is not such that I can afford to randomly lose brain power.

Basically what’s happening, is I’m carrying on like a doddering octogenarian. I’ll start doing something, but get sidetracked, and then completely lose track of what I was doing to begin with. I’m forgetting words. I’m forgetting events. I borrowed a screwdriver from my mom the other day, and when I saw her later that same day, she asked me where I put it… I was like “I dunno, I can’t remember where I put it down when I got in last night.” She then spent at least five minutes trying to convince me I had picked it up that very morning. Stuff like that.

I’m tempted to blame the heat, or being dehydrated, or the all-crap diet that I subsisted on for the duration of my stay with my parents… but I honestly don’t know. Maybe I just really am getting old.

Books I Have Read Lately Without Reporting On.

18 Aug

In the past few days I have read the following books:

The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella
I Make My Own Rules by LL Cool J

I have not reported on these books for the following reasons:

Regarding The Undomestic Goddess, well, let’s be honest here… you’ve read one Sophie Kinsella book, you’ve read ’em all. Shallow yet charming twentysomething girl with kooky best friend and a crush finds herself head-over-heels in trouble, but manages to redeem herself through cunning and intelligence. At some point, said character finds herself in a situation where she is deeply misunderstood by someone else, but she cannot come clean lest she make the situation worse. Inevitably, the lie she is then forced to tell then makes the situation worse. However, in the end, all’s well in the world, and Ms. Shallow Yet Charming finds herself madly in love with some guy or another (it may or may not be the aforementioned crush), and beloved by all who come to cross her path. Actually, yeah, there’s your report then. Borrow it. Or feel free to just ignore it, because much like the trailer that comes out months before the blockbuster movie, I pretty much just gave away all the best and most pertinent points. And yet somehow, didn’t spoil anything.

I read Sophie Kinsella books because they are light and frothy and fun… and to be fair, her writing isn’t bad… it’s just terribly predictable. On the other hand, I read books by LL Cool J because they force me to examine myself on a deeper level, and I come away having learned something about life, love, and all the rest of it.

Seriously, I really love LL Cool J.

My coworker let me borrow I Make My Own Rules. I read it in one sitting. I can’t even describe to you how awesome it was. Just read it, okay? You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be astonished (“…and it was showing.”). Get the uncensored version, and thank me for it later.