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Little teeny tiny itty bitty baby steps…

14 Apr

I fiiiiiiiinally started polishing up my C.V. today. I don’t even mean the little details such as, y’know, work experience and what not. I’m talking about just creating a layout that will stand out without making anyone’s eyes bleed. I don’t know if I’m succeeding in that regard… but hey, it’s looking better than it use to! 

I also sent a quick email to one of the places I volunteer for. I haven’t had many opportunities to do much work for them yet, unfortunately… but what the hell. I’m asking them if it’s worth me tossing my hat in the ring. Maybe that’s a mistake in itself… but too late now! It’s done. And if it’s not worth it, I can find out why, and I can take steps to make myself more valuable. 

All I can do is… try, right? 

Sigh. I’m not feeling very confident. That’s all. I guess I never have. The worst thing about that is that I don’t think you can ever really entirely eliminate that little voice in the back of your head that keeps saying “You’re not qualified for that. Not only are you not qualified, your C.V. looks stupid!” All you can do is say “Yeah, but I need to get a better job at some point!” and ignore it and write the damn cover letter anyway. 


Packing up and moving on…

13 Apr

Steve and I have begun to pack up the apartment. We’re moving back in with my parents for a few months as of April 25th. It’s a definite blow to the ego, but I’m trying to stay focussed on the positive. I’ll be living much closer to work, for example, so no longer will I need to wake up at 8 a.m. for a 10 a.m. shift. My parents also live really close to Andrew Haydon Park and bike paths… so that could be fun. Also… can’t disregard the fact that we’ll be saving money. 

Things I need/want to save for:
– Our honeymoon.
– 1st and last for our next apartment.
– Some sort of classes… still haven’t decided what or where, but I’m going crazy! I NEED EXAMS! SOMEBODY TEST ME!!
– A gym membership… perhaps? 

Packing is definitely making me take stock of what we have. It’s overwhelming. I’m feeling a decided urge to pare down and simplify… but at the same time, I feel deeply emotionally attached to every mug emblazoned with Tinkerbell’s likeness, and every book, because, y’know, just because I haven’t cracked it in a year doesn’t mean I’ll never want to read it again! We’ll definitely be sacrificing some stuff when we leave, though… dishes my mom collected for me when I was 16 that I loved then but hate now, really bad hardcover books that I’m only keeping because I felt stupid I paid full sticker price for them, various lotions and potions that I bought on discount from the shop when I first started working there two xmases ago. 

In other news, I think it’s awesome that Blogger doesn’t account for the fact that the Brits et al. all spell things differently to the Yanks (i.e. if I spell the word “cancelling” as such, I get a big red line of NO! underneath, alerting me to the “error”), and yet it recognizes the word “xmases” as a reasonable approximation of a proper word. I think that says many telling things about the state of religion in our world today! But that’s a whole other post.

I love you, wii…

10 Apr

I dunno what’s going on, but my family has graced me with my own economic bailout plan. Also, my mom, quite randomly, bought us a wii!! So that’s amazing. 

Beyond that, though… gst cheques came in, yay! So the personal bailout + gst + the fact that I’ve been scrimpin’ as best I can lately means only one thing… 


Here’s what I bought yesterday:
– Animal Crossing for wii. I love this game.
– Moisturizer and powder from my shop. I’m sort of loathe to admit it but I really love our powders. As far as I’m concerned, they’re better than mac. YEAH I SAID IT. Oh, and I got a lippie for my mom.
– Urban Decay Primer Potion. To see if it lives up to the hype.
– Marie Claire magazine with Rachel McAdams on the cover.

…and I think that’s it.

I would really like to get some new clothes, but I feel like I should clean out my old stuff first. I feel like I should focus more on getting things that can all be mixed and matched as opposed to endless impulse buying.

But anyway… yay, I got new stuff!


7 Apr

There’s an elderly gentleman who comes to visit our shop every once in awhile. He quite likes to chat and when it’s quiet will talk your ear off… but he’s very interesting and funny, and he knows enough to leave when things pick up with customers, so I rather like him. Today I asked him his name for the first time. His name is Ed.

Ed is someone I’ve met before, but I doubt he remembers me. 5 or 6 years ago, I worked at a health food store. Ed used to come in and talk my ears off then, too. He’s not creepy or irritating the way some talkative people can be… he really just strikes me as being a bit lonely. 

So, Ed is my friend. I don’t know that management would be entirely keen on the fact that he pops in every once in awhile just to chat (given the length of his chats…) but for a guy like Ed, I’m okay with it.

In other news, I spoke with a customer today who was so hostile, he almost made me cry. Thanks, Mr. Crankypants, for making my perfectly lovely day altogether quite terrible in the end.

Apartment, I cannot be bothered to clean you.

6 Apr

Sunday Funday at work today. Sundays are usually very, very quiet… which means you’re either bored, or you find something to occupy your mind. In between customers, I worked out the next Girl Guides meeting that I’ll be running.

I’m a Guider, have I mentioned that?

Anyway, the good news is, our next meeting is 100% planned out. Now all I have left to do is colour in some posters, make some cue cards with pertinent facts, and bake some cookies. We’re doing a body image themed night. 

So I’m puttering around the shop, right… when who should drop by but my mom! She tried some lippie on and then went about her merry way. About 5 minutes later, she comes back, crowing “I bought something!” So naturally, my reaction is “lemme see!” She opens up the bag and what’s inside? A WII! FOR ME! MY MOM BOUGHT ME A WII!!!!!!!!!

I don’t apologize for yelling at you right there. But nor do I believe you’re mad at me for it. You understand. IT’S A WII!!!!!!!!!

Too bad I’m too poor to buy any games, haha! But next Thursday (pay day!) I’m going to reserve $60 for Animal Crossing: City Folk. I feel kind of bad splashing out on it, being that Steve and I are currently so poor that we have to move in with my parents for the summer, but given that we don’t have to pay rent… I feel like I can justify it. Ha! 

OOOOOOoooh, the pink dolphin is on the news!! You guys have all seen this, right? Um, I guess by “you guys” I mean “Katie,” but who in the world is going to appreciate this more than Katie?? NO ONE! Pink dolphin! Yessssss-uh!

At a crossroads.

4 Apr

I really feel like I’m at a standstill lately. To be sure, when I was in school, I had no bloody idea why I was there… no future goals in mind or any such stuff. More just that it was The Thing To Do. In retrospect that’s really funny, because university was also The Thing To Do coming straight out of high school, and I didn’t feel pressured to do it then. So why, at age 24-ish, did I suddenly succumb to it? Weird.

Anyway… I graduated quietly in November. I didn’t attend convocation. I was sent a letter in the mail that told me I would officially graduate at such-and-such a time on such-and-such a day. Pretty sure I was working in the shop on the day of the ceremony. I remember glancing at the clock on the computer and remarking that I had just officially graduated. Although I had planned to, I didn’t end up celebrating in any way, shape, or form.

Given the fact that I rarely attended classes when I actually was a student, I didn’t feel altogether very different upon my graduation. I still don’t feel at all different. In fact, I feel like my post-secondary education is something that never happened at all. I still can’t get a job beyond the confines of the local shopping centre. It’s a little terrifying.

Which I guess is why I had wanted the thing with U of O to come through… I could go back, take my studies more seriously, diversify my degree, figure out a plan. But they said no, and now all I’m left with is the “figure out a plan” part.

I’ve determined my options are as follows: Upgrade the degree one way or another as a part time student. I’ll just have to scrounge up the cash somehow. The question is… do I take uni level courses at my alma mater as a “special student” (read: if they have space, they have to let me in) that will pad my existing degree, or do I take college level courses at… uh… my other alma mater… where I can achieve a “certificate” of some sort. Is a “certificate” even worth anything?

I’m also torn on what sorts of classes to take. If I go the college route, I can take a whole new program. I’m thinking Social Service Worker, Trauma/Addiction Recovery Studies, Law Clerk, Crisis Management, or… Veterinary Assistant. If I go back to university, I can take additional classes… I’m thinking I’d like to do some in law and/or social work, and I’d like to obtain my “teachables” so that if I decide in the future that yes, I really do want to be a teacher, then I’ll at least be qualified for teachers’ college.

What I need is someone capable of just sitting down with me and helping me figure it all out. You know those tests they give you in high school to help figure out what career you’re best suited for? Those are great and all, but they really don’t go far enough, do they? I took some recently and the results told me that my #1 most suitable career choice would be a position with the clergy. Which is great and all, except the quiz didn’t ask one very pertinent question, that question being DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD? It would be nice of those career aptitude tests could be a little more thorough, and ultimately tell you the good and the bad aspects of whatever careers it points you toward, so you can make a more informed decision and plan. Call me crazy.

Anyway… I’m just venting. Ultimately I think it’s good that U of O said I missed the boat on fees exemption, because it forces me to focus a little bit more on what I need to do, as opposed to just going back to school in hopes of feeling like I’m being productive when really all I’m doing is delaying the inevitable (becoming a real grown up!) just a leeeetle bit longer.

Plan b.

3 Apr

So… three and a half weeks later, I finally heard back from the local uni.

Apparently, had I inquired about fees exemption two years ago (before turning 25), I would have been entitled to them. Never mind the fact that two years ago, I was studying at the other local uni (um… the one that actually gets more respect these days, tee hee hee!) and all I want to do is go back and upgrade THAT degree. For free. But no mind! I can enroll back at my alma matter (did I spell that right?) as a special student, and get degree credit for it, or I can go to the college part time instead. Either way, I’ll be upgrading a piece of paper I already have (I have a college diploma already, too)… it’s just that I’ll have to pay for it. Rats.

Curse you, body…

1 Apr

My back totally crapped out on me today.

It hurts with the fire of a thousand burning suns. The worst part is that I don’t even know what I did to make it feel this way. Normally there’s a root cause that I can easily identify and say to myself, “well, I guess that’s something I should never do again!” For example, I should never climb in the backseat of my car and hang a cling-sticker to the window, because it forces me to bend backward in such a way that it definitely throws my back out. But all I’ve done recently is 1) sleep, and 2) dance like a maniac.

My iPod was playing in the iHome yesterday and a N.E.R.D. song came on and I started dancing like an idiot, which is the only way I know how to dance these days.

In any case, I can’t give up sleeping, and I really can’t give up dancing like a maniac! So, really, all I have to say is this:

SCREW YOU, BODY. I’ve never been terrifically happy with you at the best of times. You’ve always had a terrible predisposition to carrying weight in the most awkward of places. You hit puberty waaaaaaaaayyyyy too early. You are graceless and you make it difficult for me to get around without inadvertently hurting myself. But I refuse to be held down by your limitations!! Hurt me all you want. I EAT YOUR PAIN LIKE LOVE!!