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Music Turns Me On, and Fun vs. Money.

5 Nov

NaNoWriMo word count as of this moment: 4,355. Uh oh. I took yesterday off from writing and now I have to make up for it. But for once, I am not here to talk about NaNoWriMo! I am here to talk about… well… my day.

I went to see This Is It with some girls from work. I want to start by saying that I loved it. I sat in wide eyed wonder, at times literally clutching my hands to my heart, feeling like all I wanted to do was go home and practice dancing because dancing makes life worth living. That being said… well, it felt a bit slapdash to me. I suppose because perhaps it was a little bit slapdash. It’s not like this footage was ever intended to be released as a film. I would assume that, at least.

Oh, and am I the only one who feels like the “dancer” who speaks right before the opening credits is 100% an actor? He seemed like a big fake faker right from the moment he opened his mouth, and the fact that he ended his schpiel with the words “this is it”? Uuuuuugh

Anyway, great movie, for what it is, and I do recommend seeing it in theatres if you’re a Michael Jackson fan at all. One thing it makes me realize is that great music totally turns me on. Not like I was sitting there in the movie theatre getting all horned up watching Michael Jackson do his thing or whatever, but just in the sense that watching him sing and dance definitely made me think he had some sex appeal, even as a frail and I dare say disfigured 50 year old. It’s weird for me to say that, too, because my personal hypothesis about MJ is that he wasn’t a pedophile, but rather, a true asexual. So generally, even when I look at pictures of him as a young man, before things really took a turn for the worse, I don’t see anything sexy about him. Annnnnd then I watch him perform and it’s a whole other story. Appearances aside, just taking into account his voice and his dancing, it’s honestly like watching the next step in human evolution.

On a completely different note, I may finally have an opportunity to leave my job soon… or at least, leave temporarily. The thing is, crappy wage and cranky customers aside, my current job is usually pretty fun. I like the people who work there with me. I like the music we listen to. Although… that being said… I don’t like the lack of opportunity for growth. I don’t like wearing all black every day. And when those customers get cranky… well, they really get cranky. And the music we listen to comes from my iPod, which ostensibly I would be permitted to wear and listen to privately at this other place. And the money would be better.

So, I was going to write about what would be better to go for, a job that’s fun or a job that pays better, but I think I kind of just talked myself into the job that pays better. Thanks, blog!



I’m In Love With NaNoWriMo.

3 Nov

I can’t shut up about NaNoWriMo because it is awesome.

Now, talk to me in a week or two and see if I’m still saying that. It’s only day 2, after all. But honestly, today I was sort of like, ennnnnh, I don’t really want to write today, ennnnnh, I have the whole month to work on it… but then I read a comment on my facebook page that was like, “what’s this I hear about you writing a book?” and I got right back to it. My self-discipline is decidedly lacking. Apparently I need people checking up on me at all times.

I feel like I’m sort of cheating, to tell you the truth, because my book is based on a true story, something that happened at my school a couple years back. It’s triggered an ongoing debate about matters of free speech and such. I don’t want to go into too much detail, but suffice to say, if anyone ever read this book that I’m working on, it could definitely be potentially offensive. I feel kind of weird writing it, because it’s a fictionalized account of something deeply traumatic that actually happened to real people. I feel like it’s exploitative even though it’s not like it’s something I’ll ever make a profit off of. Is that weird? Do I just have a really bizarrely misplaced guilt complex?

Here’s something I’ve learned so far: Even though I love notebooks, particularly Moleskines, I am much more productive when I write on a computer. My writing muscles are out of shape. I don’t mean the figurative “writing muscles” that people sometimes refer to as a euphemism for imagination, I mean the actual, literal muscles that help you hold up a pen and manipulate it in such a way that letters appear when pen is pressed to paper. That said, I do think it’s partly because I type a lot faster than I write… so if I’m writing longhand, thoughts get lost. Typing, I’m really just dumping everything out of my brain, and I can sort through the wreckage later. From what I understand, a lot of people aren’t comfortable with that style of writing, but to tell you the truth, it’s the only style I’ve ever really enjoyed. Write now, fix later!

Anyway. Absolutely nothing else is really going on right now. I’m combatting a positively terrible mood lately, but that’s nothing you want to read about in great detail, I would assume. So for now, all I have on my mind is NaNoWriMo. NaNoWriMo, NaNoWriMo, NaNoWriMo! Hey, do you think it works like Beetlejuice, and if I say it three times, a novel appears? …Here’s hoping!

Oh, and in case you haven’t started writing your novel yet? It’s totally not too late to start! There’s still 28 days to go!