The Downside of Uncluttering.

7 Apr

We live in a pretty small space. This means I try to be a little bit ruthless when it comes to paring down what I own. The apartment can only have so much squeezed into it.

Recently though, I realized I’m missing a whole bunch of books that I’d really like to read again.


So I’ve learned my lesson. Don’t give books to Goodwill unless they’re entirely unreadable (i.e. if a book is difficult to slog through but I make it to the end anyway, it stays).

Also don’t give clothes to Goodwill unless the problem is that they don’t fit anymore. In the course of my lifetime I’ve probably given away 100 pounds worth of clothes that I wish I still had. For example, I used to have a small collection of Doc Martens… black 6 holes, black 8 holes, navy blue 8 holes, and a glorious pair of 20 holes that were a staple of my wardrobe during The Goth Phase. Now I don’t own a single pair! Talk about regrets!


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