Home Sweet Home

20 Jun

I really loathe my apartment.

I always have. Steve was keen on it from the get-go while I had my reservations at first. In the end, I made a snap decision to just go for it because they offered us a good deal on the rent. Lesson learned, you guys. There are a handful of things in life you should never settle for; I know from firsthand experience that two of these things are your engagement ring and your living quarters.

The problem right now is that we can’t really afford to move. Tiny stumbling block, that. Now ask me how much I care. Our lease is up in August (after that, we’ll go month-to-month until we can make our escape!) and I’ve already started packing. Bonkers, right? Who starts packing before they’ve even given their notice on a place?

Me, that’s who.

And so begins Project I’m-Sad-Here-And-Want-To-Move-As-Soon-As-Humanly-Possible-If-Not-Before-Then.


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