Font Dilemma

16 Jun

So I have this assignment that’s sort of been killing me since the day I started it, because as it turns out I’m really quite stupid and have very little to say about anything, but that’s neither here nor there. I’m experiencing a dilemma right now, and I need your help, internets. Here are the specs:

– The paper is to be between four and five pages long
– The paper is to be double spaced
– The paper is to be written in 12 point font
– The paper is to have one inch margins

See, all those specifics are, I’m sure, meant to stop people cutting corners. You know how you can sort of cheat papers and make them look longer than they are by broadening your margins or spacing things wider apart or using a bigger point size for your font? Clearly, the prof wants to avoid that, and good on him. Why should the person who only wrote three pages worth get as good a grade as the person who wrote five pages worth, simply because they used creative spacing?

…but by that same token, why should the person who sets their font as Courier New get a better grade than the person submitting the same essay in Times New Roman, simply because the essay written in Courier New appears longer? Professors always forget that they should specify which font the document is written in, which I find so strange, because isn’t it the most obvious thing in the world that different fonts will take up different amounts of space on the page? It’s word count that matters, not page count. In any event, this particular prof is going with page count, and that’s what brings me to my question…

Do I set my essay in Courier New or Helvetica? I like Helvetica because it’s pretty, but Courier New stretches my meager thoughts out to a full five pages.

I’ll probably use Courier New. Heh.


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