15 Jun

You meet all sorts when you work in retail.

Alllllllllllllll sorts.

Some are mystery shoppers who write things like “I really felt like she cared about me” and “I left the store feeling special” about you (sorry, 59-year-old-male, but I don’t even remember your face). Some are… angry people. I don’t mean angry about whatever situation they happen to be in at the time, I mean angry-to-the-core angry. And they like to take it out on shopgirls sometimes. So that kind of sucks… But some people are just amazing.

e.g. …

Yesterday, I approached a woman and her son while they were browsing, ’cause that’s why they pay me the big bucks. I asked if she had any questions and it turned out that yes, yes she did! Unfortunately, I think her son had an autism spectrum disorder and I think I sort of cornered him, because as soon as he realized I was there he started rocking back and forth, back and forth. Usually I try to engage kids who are shopping with their parents, because let’s face it, being dragged into stores with your mom is incredibly annoying and boring but since you’re a kid nobody listens to you, so you have to do it. With this little guy, though, I thought I might overwhelm him if I tried to bring him into the conversation, so I specifically addressed his mom… until I felt a little taptaptap on my shoulder. So I paused and said “yeah?”. He reached up and ran his finger around the edge of my name tag and said to me, “what’s your name?”. I told him my name, and he offered me his hand in a half-pinkie-swear, half-handshake sort of gesture and said, “friends?”.

And that’s when my brain exploded from the incredible cuteness.

The best part was after I rang his mom through and he offered me his left hand to shake once more and said it was nice to meet me.


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