The Other Bad Neighbours

4 Apr

Remember the other day, I told you about my weird neighbours, The Peekers? Well, I also have bad neighbours, The Merrymakers. I might have to think up a more nefarious name for them, but work with me here.

The Merrymakers might be vampires, as they seem to only move about at night. Move about and yell and laugh like bloody hyenas and smoke weed that blows into my apartment! Look, I’m not unreasonable… I don’t expect you to be quiet as a mouse the instant the clock strikes 11 and the noise ordinances take effect. I know that I have to make compromises, and if I want to keep my windows open to get some fresh air circulating, some neighbourly noise is to be expected. But for all that is good and holy in this world, can you not keep the conversation down to a dull roar? Tonight, I waged war by playing the most obnoxious songs I could think of at the loudest volume Steve would allow. I thought this tactic was clever, as it would plant subtle earworms that will hopefully haunt them for at least a week, but it didn’t seem to dissuade them. Interestingly though, when I shouted “Go die in a hole!” and slammed the window shut, they beat a hasty retreat.

I have won the battle. I know I have not yet won the war. Still. Score one for Beeks.


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