Microfibre Towels and Books.

26 Mar

Yesterday I went on a quest to find fabric for new bedroom curtains. I failed to find fabric for new bedroom curtains, but I did find a microfibre towel for my hair. I know that doesn’t sound very exciting, but allow me to present you the evidence: It usually takes me upwards of 15 minutes to blow dry my hair, and it must be blow dried because if I don’t, my hair will be cold and clammy on the back of my neck for the entire day. So the fact that blow drying only took me three minutes today? I’m sorry, that’s exciting news that must be shared with the world!

The other hot story of the day is this: I finally finished reading Downtown Owl by Chuck Klosterman! After two false starts, I finally made it to the end yesterday! I’m a little ashamed of myself that it took me so very long to finish a book by one of my favourite authors, especially given the fact that the book itself was less than three hundred pages long. Having finally finished though, I think I’ve figured out exactly why it took me so long: It wasn’t a particularly good book.

As a general rule, I love Chuck Klosterman’s writing. Like I said, he’s one of my favourite authors. Actually, perhaps I should amend that statement: He’s one of my favourite essayists. Downtown Owl was his first novel and, quite frankly, nothing much happened. The story was exactly the same on page 250 as it was on page 10. He spent lots of time creating and describing characters, but then he never actually had them do anything. Even now, I’m left wondering what happened to Vance Druid, and if The Dog Lover ever got his comeuppance for what he (allegedly) did to that cat. And (SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVE ANY INTENTION OF EVER READING THIS BOOK THEN SKIP THE REST OF THIS PARAGRAPH YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED IN ALL CAPS) where the hell did that blizzard come from, anyway? Does the crazy kid who screamed also have supernatural powers, thus he summoned it with the aforementioned scream? Or was he screaming because he saw it coming? Or was it just a coincidence that the scream precluded the blizzard? I don’t know, because Chuck Klosterman never bothered to explain it to me. Plus, in the end, several characters died, but I saw absolutely no significance to their deaths whatsoever. There was no “moral of the story.” I don’t feel like I’ve learned anything or gained anything from reading this book. It’s like he was literally telling the story just to tell the story, nothing more and nothing less.  I guess that’s fine, but for me, it’s not very satisfying to finish a book with a “well, that’s that” feeling.

Regardless, I’m still looking forward to reading Eating The Dinosaur, which is Chuck Klosterman’s most recent work. It looks like a return to form (i.e. a return to non-fiction), so it’s sitting rather near the top of my To Read Next pile. Also near the top of that pile are Christopher Moore’s newest book, Bite Me, which I want to have finished before the reading I’m attending in April. Bite Me is part of a triology that I have weirdly only read the second book from, and so I’ll need to read Bloodsucking Fiends first and maybe give myself a refresher in You Suck before moving on to Bite Me (yes, it’s a vampire series; no, it’s nothing like Twilight). Also I want to get around to Generation A by Douglas Coupland. He was my favourite author in high school but I have to admit, his books don’t resonate with me the way that they used to. I don’t know if that’s because his writing has changed or because I have.

I can’t wait for my vacation time in April. All I want to do is sit on my balcony and read. But for now, it’s laundry time. Bye!


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