Analyse, Doctor Freud

24 Mar

So I had this really fun, really bizarre dream a couple of nights ago that I feel simply must be recorded for posterity and shared with the world

In this dream, I was at an Our Lady Peace concert and for some reason, I was up on stage along with a few other audience members. We weren’t singing or playing instruments or doing anything, we were just there. I looked out into the massive audience and saw this girl who was a friend of mine in high school (but with whom I have long since had a falling out with) in the floor section, about two or three rows back, wearing a look on her face that clearly showed she wished she was up on stage with us. I felt a sick sort of happiness at seeing her jealousy, and a little disappointment when one of the other people on stage reached out an arm and hoisted her up with us, but she smiled and I got over it. The band was playing this incredible song that I have never heard ever in my life, and when they finished up the show was over and the lead singer and drummer came over to talk with me. They were very fun and funny and personable and a good time was had by all.

The weirdest bit, to me, is the fact that it was Our Lady Peace. I’ve barely thought of Our Lady Peace since high school. And the best bit is the fact that I wrote this awesome song in my head while I was sleeping. I can’t write songs. I used to try and try and try but nothing good ever came from it. This is not the first time I’ve dreamed a song up while sleeping, and it’s irritating as heck that I can never remember any of the song details upon waking. I can remember the make, model, and license plate number of my grade 8 gym teacher’s car (although I could not for the life of me explain why that information is in my brain to begin with), and yet I cannot recall a simple chord progression that came from inside my own head.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll dream the plot for an awesome novel and remember every detail.


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