16 Mar

Consider it a bucket list, because I’m fairly certain this is bronchitis and I am dyyyyyyiiiiiing. So, first and foremost, I want to get better. But also…

I want to read more books.

I want to learn a million things, including all the subjects I blew off in high school, and more.

I want to listen to more music.

I want to find a job that doesn’t make me feel like my soul is dying bit by bit.
In the meantime, I want to figure out what’s good about the job I already have, because let’s face it, with what I have planned, I’m probably going to be stuck there for a little while yet.

Which is to say, I want to go back to school starting this summer so that I can finally apply to teacher’s college.

I want to make more time to practice sewing, because let’s face it, I’m not getting any better by not doing it it.

And in the short term, I want to paint my nails pastel yellow and spend my day downtown tomorrow. Hopefully I will wake up with fully functional lungs (ha! doubtful) and the weather will be gorgeous and the buses will be running on time and it will be a glorious day.

Happy daylight savings time! I’ve missed you, sunshine!


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