Sickie Loo

10 Mar


The last time I was sick was around November, so I’m probably about due for another bout of seasonal illness, but I dunno guys, it just seems like a lot to me. Especially because I was so sick in November that I sort of came away from it with the feeling that I’d be absolved from all further illness for at least the next two years. Not so, my friends. Not so. As such, I am spending today, my day off, warmly ensconced in my bed, watching videos on YouTube and re-reading my bedraggled copy of Looking For Alaska.

Question, internet: how do you control a mischief-making cat? I’ve tried ignoring him, trying to make friends with him, punishing him… nothing stops this cat from being a total ass. He made me so mad the other day that I had to go to my parents’ house for a few hours just to get away from him, and so far today is not much better.


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