Things I Did Today.

16 Feb

Happy Family Day, everyone!

I’m not kidding. Family Day is an actual, honest-to-gosh Canadian holiday. From what I understand, it came to be because people were complaining about the length of time between three day weekends, so the government created Family Day on February 15th. The premise is everybody deserves one day off a year to spend with their families. This makes me laugh for a couple of reasons: 1, as it’s not a “real” holiday, I know lots of people who had to work today, and 2, one day a year? Shouldn’t quality time with loved ones be an as-much-as-possible, or dare I say it, an everyday sort of activity? But I digress…

The point of this entry is to tell you how I spent my Family Day, because everybody loves a good list post!

+ I slept in ’til noon.

+ I procured hours and hours worth of new music. And proceeded to listen to all of it, except for the stuff I downloaded specifically for tomorrow night’s Girl Guides meeting. We’re having a karaoke dance party so I needed, y’know, Disney starlet stuff. But also Phoenix! Lots and lots of Phoenix! And Yeasayer! And Britney Spears remixes (which are actually leaps and bounds better than Disney starlet stuff, you cynics)!

+ I ate more cookie dough than was responsible, and suffered a tummy ache for it.

+ I watched old episodes of The Office with my husband.

+ I practiced my sewing. I feel that I have mastered threading the machine and winding the bobbin, and have improved greatly at sewing a straight line. Next up… going around curves and cutting out patterns.

+ I did yoga, you guys!! How long have I been saying that I want to get back into doing yoga? Well today I finally got started! Only about 5 minutes worth but it’s a start.

…and right this very moment, I am watching Alexandre Bilodeau receive his gold medal for Canada, and I am very much wishing I lived in B.C. Le sigh. Someday…


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