Dear Deer

12 Feb

Steve and I both had the day off today, so we went down to the Jack Pine Trail to feed chickadees. As soon as we got there, two deer passed about 30 feet ahead of us, walking through the brush as we kept to the path. Unfortunately there were no chickadees to speak of, so we progressed a little deeper into the woods in hopes of finding some. Eventually we came across a tree in which two fat chickadees sat, so we filled our palms with oil seeds and waited for the birds to come to us. Which they did. And then they called their friends. And then it was a nonstop chickadee party. So we started taking pictures of the birds… birds in our palms, birds on the top of my head… endless birds, everywhere! At this point, Steve is manning the camera and taking pictures of me in profile while birds land on my hat, so I slowly turn to face him so he can get a better shot.

And lo and behold, there’s a friggin’ white tailed deer standing not 15 feet away, staring us down with one ear cocked back as if to say, “Hey… whatcha feedin’ those birds? Got anything I might like?”

So naturally, we threw seeds at it. And it totally loved the seeds! So we stood there marvelling at this beautiful deer, and coaxing it closer and closer, and it was amazing. At one point, it must have been no more than 5 feet away from us.

So yeah. I definitely recommend that you visit the Jack Pine Trail sometime soon, if you can!


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