Fear of Flying

5 Feb

You guys, I have a problem! I seem to have developed an intense fear of flying.

Not that it impacts my day-to-day life or anything, but having just recently gotten married, I’m in the process of planning a honeymoon. Steve and I took a day long “minimoon” the day after the ceremony, but the plan was always to take our official honeymoon later. I didn’t think I could handle the stress of planning a wedding and a vacation at the same time, so we decided we’d take our honeymoon for our first anniversary instead. So lately I’m thinking more and more about the plans, and… oh noes I’m gonna have to fly.

I’ve never really liked flying. My mom has a deathly fear of flying and I think travelling with her taught me how to have that fear, too. I finally got over it, more or less, after a trip to B.C. On the flight home, I sat staring out the window, thinking that it was actually pretty cool being up in the air, in the clouds like that.

Yeah, then September 11th happened. I’ve taken planes since but I can’t say I’ve enjoyed it. Even still, I’ve been able to get on them. Lately though, I’m not so sure I can. I keep thinking about epic 8 hour flights to Europe and my heart starts beating uncontrollably. I feel like being sick. I thought just now, hey, how ’bout you alleviate some of the panic by reading up on the statistical odds of being in a plane crash? The lowest figure I found was something like one in nine million. You know my immediate reaction? I don’t like those odds. One in nine million, and I still don’t feel safe? I think it’s safe to say I’m on the cusp of a bona fide phobia here. I feel nervous just writing about this!

I wonder where it’s coming from. Paranoia? Intuition? Too many episodes of Lost?


One Response to “Fear of Flying”

  1. Adam M February 9, 2010 at 11:02 pm #

    Here here!

    I hate flying. And I’m speaking as someone who has done it and still hated it.

    Facing your fear may not help you on this one.

    I don’t know what the root of this fear is. I never had any trauma associated with it when I was a child. I didn’t never fly and develop paranoias and I didn’t fly too much so I got somehow tired of it. I have flown an average amount of times and I get more and more afraid of it as time goes by.

    You could always take your honeymoon somewhere where you can go on a cruise!

    If you think about it, you don’t want to spend the last few days of your honeymoon being preoccupied with getting back on the plane. You want to enjoy every minute of it!

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