How Does Anybody Ever Figure It Out…?

29 Jan

Hey world. Wassup?

I’m feeling melancholy today. Some days, I really get down on myself over my sucky, minimum-wage paying job. I like to think I’m a fairly intelligent person, so I wonder sometimes how I got to be this close to 30 and still have no idea what it is that I want to do with my life. Sure, I’ve toyed with different ideas (the most recent being to go to teacher’s college and become a high school English and Social Sciences teacher), but nothing ever feels totally right. And having it not feel right makes me skeptical about investing time and money in pursuing it. What if I get there and it’s awful? Worse, what if I get there, and I’m not cut out for it?

It makes me wonder how anyone finds a job, ever. I know a handful of people in my situation, pushing 30 and no career to speak of yet, but I wouldn’t say it’s the norm. Everybody else just seems so… established. Regular hours, benefits, weekends off… why am I not there yet? What am I doing wrong?

Part of it is just not really knowing where to begin. My C.V. is a mess. I’m not even certain what my particular skill set is, never mind what I could be doing to improve upon it and make myself a generally more impressive human being. And how does a person go about applying for a real, grown-up job anyway? How do you figure out who’s even hiring? I’ve heard of the “hidden job market” but where the hell is it hiding and with so many people out of work right now, why won’t it just come out and show itself?? If you do somehow manage to tap into this hidden market, how do you apply? Surely you don’t just march into an office building and ask if a manager’s on duty. And even if you did, how would you go about deciding if they’re the sort of people you really want to work for in the first place? And why am I the only one who finds this all so confusing??

Maybe I should just auction off my future on Ebay. Highest bidder gets to determine the course of my life… where I’ll live, what education I’ll receive, what sort of job-seeing techniques I will utilize… but in the meantime, if anybody reading this has managed to figure it all out, please, let me know what you did and how you did it!


3 Responses to “How Does Anybody Ever Figure It Out…?”

  1. Hella Stella February 1, 2010 at 5:37 pm #

    Sorry… This is long!

    I got my contacts for “grown-up jobs” when I was finishing university…. I did some part-time work in office buildings, sometimes doing actual internships, and ended up with a lot of options as a result. Then again, I was always networking like a psycho because I was terrified of not finding work after school was done. Maybe it was good to be a bit obsessive.

    In terms of finding your path, the work I’m doing now is basically just for the pay cheque. I don’t plan to stay here forever, and hope to have a variety of careers at different point in my life. Maybe the pressure of finding the “perfect job” is unecessary… you just need a job that fits your goals at the moment. If your goal is no more customer service and better pay, you could simply check out staffing companies like Excel HR and see if you can get a stable desk job for a bit.

    I got a lot happier about work when I realized none of it needed to be permanent… I’m always changing and learning about new things, so I can’t imagine finding a job as flexible as my brain…. 🙂

    • beeks February 2, 2010 at 4:01 pm #

      You make a good point. I guess we all get hung up on this idea of “the dream job” or whatever, but I’m not so sure that exists for most of us. I know more than a few people who have gotten into their “dream jobs” and ended up hating them. That idea terrifies me. I’m going back to school in summer to take a class or two so maybe I’ll find some direction then, who knows? Thanks for the input, I always like hearing other peoples’ thoughts on… I was going to say job related stuff but honestly I like hearing other peoples’ thoughts on everything, ha ha!

  2. Adam M February 26, 2010 at 5:45 am #

    Just because those people have jobs doesn’t mean they’re what they should be doing or that they’re happy or that they’re good at them.

    Many people can do the temporary job and then snap up the opportunity for the right thing when it hits them.

    And most people never do that. They take the temporary thing and suddenly they’re 45… that was what Chandler’s whole storyline was about on Friends, right? That wasn’t just their thing that was because that’s such a common story that a mainstream audience can easily relate to.

    Decide if you’re the type who’ll get stuck and if you really think you aren’t there’s nothing wrong with bouncing around starter jobs… one of them might lead you to your perfect job and you just don’t know it yet.

    But if you’re afraid of getting stuck, watch out.

    But if you’re afraid you’re stuck now maybe taking one of those potentially temporary ones is the right thing to do just to mix it up!

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