What’s In A Name?

19 Jan

Okay, hands up, who else out there has a hard time committing to a blog/website/twitter account/whathaveyou if you don’t really like the username you picked?

I’ve had a tumblr account for the longest time. I don’t update it. Ever. I actively ignore it, in fact. Because I created it late at night, and I picked the only name which came to mind at the time, which was, weirdly, pink elephants on parade. Eeeeeeyeah.

Well, now, inspired by my current ensemble, I was motivated to change the name of my tumblr (bless them for making it so very, very easy). So, I intend to use my tumblr account more frequently from this point forward, and you, my dear readers, can now hold me accountable for that, because I am about to reveal where it is that you can find me…


That is all.


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