Bizarre Drink Craving.

11 Jan

Sometimes I get a craving for a drink I’m certain I’ve never consumed, as I’m certain it does not actually exist.

What I am craving is something cold and moderately fizzy, but not in a fizzy-cola sort of way… more in a sparkling water or champagne sort of way. It’s sweet but not too fruity or sugary. I imagine it’s something akin to cream soda, but it’s not cream soda.

If I can, whenever this craving strikes, I’ll drink a peach iced tea or, more ideally, a Shirley Temple. Although a peach iced tea tastes nothing like a Shirley Temple and vice versa, somehow these two beverages manage to satisfy the mystery craving, though neither one fulfills it, if you get the distinction.

Does the drink I’m craving exist? Am I just hormonal? Crazy? What gives??


One Response to “Bizarre Drink Craving.”

  1. secretcanyoukeepit January 11, 2010 at 8:41 pm #

    I always always get a craving for something like a strawberry cookie! I feel like I had it when I was young or something… but I dont know what it is! And any time I’ve ever had a ‘strawberry cookie’ type thing, its never how I remember one. I share your pain!

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