My Resolutions This Year.

31 Dec

Participate in the 365 Project (taking one photo a day for the entire year). Learn to improve my photography skills.

Write more often than I do.

Take one class. Then another, then another.

Apply to teacher’s college (depending on prerequisites and time, this may have to wait until 2011 but in the very least, I can look into applying).

Take better care of my stuff. Stop accidentally breaking things a week after buying them.

Travel somewhere. Somewhere exciting. Go on a plane. Take drugs if you must, but do it.

Read more books.

Try to be more social. Stop saying no because you’re “tired.” Live now; sleep when dead.

Find a new job… even if it’s a total lateral move while I work toward some semblance of an actual “career,” it’s time for me to branch out and find a new environment, maybe learn some new skills. As much as I love the girls at work, as far as personal development goes, I’ve plateaued.

Keep track of spending. Only buy things if I really love them.

Make this the year I actually do improve my French.

Be as happy as humanly possible at any and every given time.


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