It’s My Day Off! What Shall I Do?

16 Dec

Today is my lone day off of the week. Working retail during the holidays is madness. As something of a compulsive list-maker, I feel it necessary to write down all the things I’d like to do over the course of the next 24 hours or so. That way I can periodically consult my list to ensure I have truly made the most of my day off.

1) Sleep in to a ridiculous hour. (Done.)

2) Eat squares for breakfast! This is one of the things I love about being grown up. Yes, there are bills, and tasks, and stress, and work, but if I decide that I’d like to sleep in to 11:30 on my day off and have a breakfast composed entirely of holiday treats, who can stop me?

3) Get my jeans hemmed. I have that unfortunate thick-waisted, flat-assed, short-legged body type. If you referred to me as “squat,” I wouldn’t so much be offended as I would agree with you. Perhaps if I cut down on the breakfasts composed entirely of holiday treats, that wouldn’t be the case. In any event, finding new jeans that I like is a job and a half. What fits in the waist almost never fits in the bum, and nothing is ever a short enough inseam. Thus, when I find jeans that match 2 out of 3 criteria (waist and bum fitting well), I don’t hesitate. I buy ’em and get my mom to hem ’em, because she’s really good at that.

5) Buy presents for co-workers. Also buy gift wrap. The very last of my xmassy shopping.

6) Re-watch Love Actually, possibly twice. Love Actually is a movie that I sort of wish had been made without the holiday element. Why? Because I think that overall, the story could have been told at any time of year, but because it revolves around xmas, I only get a hankering to watch it at xmas. But I love it. And I want to want to watch it more often. Since I don’t, I just have to pack as many viewings as possible into the days directly preceding xmas as I possibly can.

My biggest decision of the day revolves around whether I should wear sparkly grey eyeshadow or red lipstick. My life is so hard (she said with a wink). BYE!


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