Things That I’m Scared Of.

25 Nov

I have a lot of fears in life.

Bees and other stinging insects.
I have been afraid of Things With Stingers for as long as I can remember. Normally I just use the term “bee” as a catchall phrase. When I say I’m scared of bees, I mean I’m scared of bumblebees, wasps, hornets, yellowjackets, etc. etc. etc. Mostly I’m afraid I’ll be deathly allergic to their venom and that someday I’ll get stung and die. That statement right there, though… there’s your evidence that the fear works. I’m 27 years old and I’ve yet to be stung by a bee.

Okay, so maybe I’m just scared of all bugs and insects. I’m okay with them being out there in the world; mostly I just don’t want them in my apartment. Especially my bedroom. I always have to shoo known intruding bugs out before I can fall asleep, because I worry that if I don’t, they will crawl in my ears and die there.

Other people.
I hate it when people walk too closely behind me or otherwise invade myself. Man, woman, child, white, black, doesn’t matter.

Part of the reason I am scared of other people is because I assume everybody is out to rape/steal from/kill me.

This is a fear I inherited from my mom, I think, and my life will forever be worse off for it. She always used to freak out about getting on planes whenever we would take family trips, and over time I guess it wore off on me, and now I hate the idea of travelling anywhere by air, ever. Too bad all the places worth going are an ocean away!

Travelling in general.
I don’t deal well with culture shock. I’m afraid of not being able to communicate with the locals. I’m afraid of not knowing what I’m eating. I’m afraid of not knowing where I’m going. It’s a shame because I believe travel is a worthwhile pursuit and I’d be interested in doing it if it wasn’t so damned terrifying!

It all comes back to this in the end, doesn’t it?

Not all animals. But some. I’m afraid of unfamiliar and untethered dogs. Whenever I take a walk in even a remotely wooded area, I worry about cougars and/or bears. I don’t like to swim in the ocean because of potential shark situations.

Falling down.
Most people dislike falling down. I actively fear it. I believe I’m justified in this because I have a bad back, and falling down can provoke it. Still. Weird fear.

An offshoot of the fear of falling. I can’t skate because of that.

Swimming in natural bodies of water.
Because of sharks, eels, snakes, jellyfish, and other assorted creatures of the lagoon.

By extension, getting water in my ear.
I have a hard time putting my head underwater because I’m afraid water will get in my ears.

Having things in my ears, period.
I REALLY HATE HAVING THINGS IN MY EARS. It was only recently that I was able to accept earbud headphones as a feasible alternative to those giant padded-speaker-on-a-headband type deals. I can’t stand it when I have to get my ears looked at at the doctor; I wince every time.

Legal or not, I’m always convinced that I’ll drop dead from some freak side effect.

I’m sure there are more I could probably come up with. So, why am I telling you all this? Quite simply, because the end of the year is closing in on us, my friends. That means it’s New Year’s Resolution making time. I always like to put some thought into my resolutions… this year, I think that maybe I should do some things that scare me.

I draw the line at the involvement of bees, though.


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