19 Oct

Hello, reading public. There may not be too many of you, but I feel like I need to apologize to the few of you who actually do stop by to read my ramblings once in awhile. I feel like I’ve been somewhat derailed ever since the wedding, which was almost a month ago now.

In spite of my lack of updates, life’s been pretty good. Can I just say that being married is amazing and I recommend it to anyone? Failing that, just save up and buy a breadmaker. We got one as a gift, and I have not eaten sliced bread since. The apartment smells of fresh baked bread on a pretty much daily basis. It’s brought my quality of living up. By a lot.

Speaking of quality of living and the fluctuations that always take place within it, let’s talk about FarmVille. I am so addicted to FarmVille, it’s actually becoming gross. I was one of those people who played NeoPets far too long into adulthood so even though I resisted at first, I’m not entirely surprised that FarmVille has actively taken over my life.

Things I could be doing instead of playing FarmVille:
+ Writing in my journal. Or blog. Hi.
+ Reading a nice novel.
+ Taking a nice bath.
+ Researching jobs in new parts of the country.
+ Pajama dance party.

…but then my pumpkins might wither!!

Anyway… I didn’t come here tonight intending to drone on about FarmVille and how much I love it. I came here to apologize for not being around more often, and also for not replying to comments in a timely manner. I found some today that had been hidden by the spam filter, and they were lovely comments! So I feel bad not getting to them sooner. I promise, friendly commenters, I was not ignoring you… I’m just too vapid to see what’s right there staring me in the face sometimes.

The few boys foolish enough to ask me out during high school would heartily agree with that last statement, I’m sure.

But those are stories for another time.


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