A List!

14 Oct

Current loves…

Yoko Ono
She’s just so small and cute and absurd! And regardless of whether you think she broke up The Beatles or not (I think “not”… I blame Paul), you have to admit she was stunningly beautiful in her youth.

John Lennon
Everything about him was incredible. Still is. I worshipped him in high school and I still do today.

Lady GaGa
So who here has figured out that I just watched Lady GaGa’s cover of Imagine? I tried to hate on GaGa, I really did. I thought she was a trite little pop tart and… kind of gross. I still maintain that she is all these things but damned if I don’t love her for it!

Zooey Deschanel
Ahhhhhhh, Zooey. My ultimate girlcrush. I don’t remember what first brought her to my attention, but I remember back in the day, it was all about Parker Posey and Zooey Deschanel (we pronounced it “du-SHAY-nel” because none of us had actually heard her name said out loud). Parker Posey kind of irks me these days but my love for Zooey will never die, no matter how many cheesy commercials she does for cotton! (On an aside, why does cotton need to advertise?)

Joseph Gordon Levitt
Yes, I watched 500 Days of Summer again just recently. But can you really blame me for noting the fact that the kid from 3rd Rock grew up really nicely? No you cannot. Next!

Drew Barrymore
Did you see Whip It? See Whip It! I’ve barely paid attention to Drew for a long, long time, but this movie absolutely reinvigorated my love for her. When I was in high school people told me I looked like her. I look nothing like Drew Barrymore. They only said it because I idolized her and as such, I made a big show of incorporating butterflies and daisies into whatever facet of my life that I could. Ahhh, remember 90’s Drew?

Not a person; My favourite podcast! Where have you been lately, lover?

I don’t wear skirts. Real women have curves and curves chafe. But then I discovered, everybody’s been wearing shapewear this whole time, and that’s how they avoid the discomfort in their cute, cute skirts! Now you tell me! So after a youth misspent wearing exclusively pants, I declare this The Era of Skirts! I only own two and one is a summer skirt… but dammit, I can get more! I’ll make them if I have to!

It’s Philosophy meets Bath and Body Works… and it’s sold at Wal Mart for seven bucks. There is very little not to love here.


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