That’s Incredible!

25 Sep

Steve and I were in an infomercial today.

Not one that was being taped for tv or anything, but it sure felt like it! We were waiting in line at Zellers to buy milk when an announcement came on saying that all adult customers who proceeded to the laser-lit platform in the next two minutes would be rewarded with a free gift. What we actually received was a sales pitch but it sure was awesome!

It was for a company called Euro Clean. Our free gift was a small cleansing cloth. I was awarded two because the hostess asked the crowd, “What comes after the first item?” and I was the only one to pipe up, “THE SECOND ITEM!” I also volunteered to mop up some green crayon from a piece of tile, because nobody else was stepping up to the plate. I chastised them for not participating.

Also, there was a guy there who was wayyyyy too into it. Steve thinks he was a plant. I think he was just a lonely guy.

And that was honestly the best thing that happened to me today.


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