19 Sep

Last night was our combined bachelor/bachelorette party. I started at one bar with my friends and Steve started at another one with his, and we all met up halfway through the night to party together.

When the time came to meet up, I told Steve just to walk down Bank Street, stopping at McLaren, and we’d come out to meet them when we saw them there. Well, they walked down Bank Street… but they didn’t stop at McLaren! So we started waving and waving from our spot in the window, trying to catch someone’s attention so they’d stop. Luckily, we caught the eye of a tall, skinny chap who started waving back and peering in the window to look at us. So, I ran outside and found him and shouted, “I’M THE BRIDE!” “YOU’RE THE BRIDE!” he shouted back, and gave me a big hug. “WHO ARE YOU??” I continued shouting. “I’M ROBBIE!” “HI ROBBIE! WHERE’D THE GROOM GO?” “I THINK HE WENT THAT WAY!” And I took off running in the direction that he pointed, shouting “GROOOOOOOOM!” People laughed at me.

It was only upon reaching Steve and his friends that I realized Robbie was a complete stranger and had nothing to do with Steve’s groomsmen or the bachelor party.


One Response to “Mem’ries!”

  1. Hella Stella September 21, 2009 at 2:00 pm #

    This post made me laugh very, very hard.

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