Oh, Get Over Yourself.

12 Sep

So I’d say being happy is a pretty big goal in a lot of peoples lives, would you agree? I mean, it seems like there are an awful lot of books and magazine articles out there geared at helping people achieve pure bliss or whatever. There even seems to be a bit of a happy backlash right now, where lots of writers are droning on about how happiness isn’t actually a permanent state one can achieve, and that the key is to appreciate the little things that together add up to a relative state of peace.

I don’t know if happiness is a permanent state that human beings can achieve or if it’s strictly a transient thing that we have to appreciate while we have it, but I do know this: I’ve never met a happy person with a superiority complex. And yet, funny, I know a looooooot of people with bad superiority complexes.

In truth, I’m guilty of it a lot too… I tend to just assume that I’m “smarter” than the customers who can’t figure out that a shower gel is a body wash is a shower gel… but I can’t say going around thinking I’m better than these people actually makes me feel better about myself. In fact it’s the opposite; it makes me feel worse.

I’m just thinking out loud here, but I think we’d all probably be happier if we just stopped assuming we’re better than the next guy, and tried to just get along. You don’t even have to be nice; just try to be relatively decent. Like if a salesperson greets you, don’t assume they’re out to bleed all your money from you… just say hi! Don’t assume because a person has a certain job or talks with a certain accent that they don’t have a good education. Don’t assume that because you have an education, it’s beneath you to be a cashier.

Oh, and don’t assume someone’s an idiot just because they seem happier than you are. I used to do that too, before I figured out what it was, exactly, that was bringing me down in the first place.


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