Surpriiiiise! Also, Hot Air Balloons.

7 Sep

I forgot to mention the other day when I was listing awesome things, that one morning when I woke up there were a million hot air balloons in the sky! It was 7 in the morning or so, and I was taking a moment to check my email before getting ready for work, and something caused me to glance over toward the windows…. I think I was trying to ascertain where the cat was… and I did a double take when I saw all the hot air balloons in the sky! I was wearing only a yellow towel but I ran out to the balcony to take photos anyway. None of them turned out very well, but still! I know what they are.

Someday I want to ride in a hot air balloon. I used to see them launching from this field that’s located just in front of my university campus. They’re just so beautiful and amazing! I mean, big balloons in the sky with baskets dangling from them that you can ride in? Come on!! As if you don’t think that’s the only way to travel! At the same time… I’m scared of them. I’ve heard of people dying because their balloons drifted too close to a power line, and… zap. Also I’m generally scared of heights. But maybe one day! Maybe one day I’ll ride in a balloon!

My fan club at work dropped by the other day, but I wasn’t there to see them. However, they left me a present! They brought me chocolate bars! Hooray! What’s more, these chocolate bars have some significance… I can’t tell you what, because it would be a dead giveaway as to exactly where I work, and while I don’t mind dropping hints (some more obvious than others), I don’t want to be too terribly explicit about it. So you’ll probably never uncover the mystery of my chocolate bars. But let me just say… they are delicious. God bless the cocoa bean.

As for today, and why it will be awesome… It’s Labour Day! Therefore, nothing is open. Therefore, not only do I not have to work, but I don’t have the option of going anywhere to run errands, and thus I am literally being forced to take a day off. Days like this feel to me like the government is going “Look… we know you’re stressed. We also know that given the choice, you’re going to use your time off to get non-work-related jobs done. So we’re just going to make sure nothing is accessible today, because you can’t be trusted to just take a day to yourself and chill.” Thanks for looking out for me, government!

Lastly… Steve is sick. He has 13 days to feel better before the wedding, so I’m not worried about that. I am worried about him making me sick just in time for the wedding, however. It usually takes me about two weeks to shake a cold. I do feel a little tickly in the throat. Hopefully it will either hit me quick and pass even faster, or my immune system can fight this thing! Wish me luck.


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