It’s September!

1 Sep

So I’m sitting here on my day off, wasting time that I don’t really have, and out of nowhere it hits me… today is September 1st!


Dude, I love September. September and October are neck-and-neck in the race for what is my favourite month. I think October has a slight edge because of Halloween (which, while I don’t participate in it actively myself, I do still love dearly). I guess I just love Fall. Fall is what really feels like the new year for me. Maybe because it’s when school starts, and all the repeated new beginnings have me conditioned to see it as a time of self-improvement and renewal? Which is weird when you think about it, since everything around you is dying. Don’t old people refer to their final years as their “Autumn years”?

Anyway, cumulatively, September and October adds up to 61 days. I hereby pledge, starting today, to embark upon 61 Days of Pure Awesome. I am going to make the most of every single one of these days, starting today. This doesn’t necessarily mean rollicking adventure day in and day out… it just means I refuse to have a single day where I catch myself thinking “Wow, I slept the whole day away!” or “I can’t believe I was on the computer for nine hours!” (It absolutely happens sometimes.) I am going to fill the next two months with books, adventures, cooking, general productivity, and oh yeah… my wedding. 19 more sleeps.

Welcome to 61 Days of Pure Awesome.


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