Predicting Better Things…

25 Aug

I am on my “weekend” right now.

Last week was a close approximation to hell. Lots of arguing and stress and snippy customers and then yesterday, when I was getting ready for work, I stepped on a packet of nails. They were clean nails, and my tetanus immunization records are all up to date and what not anyway, but trust me, a bunch of clean nails hurt just as much as dirty ones would when they’re dangling from your heel.

So that sucked.

But today, today will be better! 1, I have the day off, so no snippy customers will bother me today. 2, I slept in to the ridiculously indulgent hour of 10 a.m. 3, I took samples of bubble bath from the shop so I can have a niiiiiice relaxing bath to kick off the day. 4, I can wear blue jeans today instead of dress pants! God I hate the dress code… 5, there are books waiting for me at the public library. 6, I may or may not bake muffins today.

And tomorrow… I’m going to see WALKING WITH DINOSAURS! So I’m definitely looking forward to that.


One Response to “Predicting Better Things…”

  1. Adam M August 26, 2009 at 4:39 am #

    I slept in until 1 today.

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