Life Is So Overwhelming Sometimes…

3 Aug

Sometimes I get smacked in the face with just how overwhelming life can be. I don’t mean in terms of stressful events, necessarily (although there are enough of those to go around, to be sure)… I mean, in terms of just how very much there is to do.

I’m not a particularly social person. A lot of the time at concerts or parties, I find myself wishing I was back at home, reading a magazine. But even with my minimal social commitments, there’s just no way I can get through all the things I want to get through on any given day. There are just so many blogs, magazines, books to read… movies to see, games to play, podcasts to hear… oh my man, CBC alone!!

I guess the question is, how do we all decide how to prioritize it all? There’s just so much around me that I want to take in, and I can’t ever seem to take it in fast enough…


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