Things You Can Do While I’m Not Here.

31 Jul


I have to take a brief sabbatical from this blog. Don’t worry, when I say brief, I mean brief. Like five days or so, maybe a week. I just have too much to dooooooo right now, what with the wedding we’re attending this weekend and moving (which is happening way sooner than we anticipated) and all that jazz. But here are some things you can do in the meantime…

You could…

Paint your nails a nice new shade. I recommend Purple With A Purpose, Do You Lilac It, or Room Service (all by OPI), or something from the Essie neons collection.

Read a silly young adult novel. YA fiction is the best for summer. They’re generally easy reads, and yet can be surprisingly well written. I recommend something by John Green or Maureen Johnson.

Listen to the newest Regina Spektor album, Far. Because it’s spectacular.

Go see a movie. There are so many out right now (or coming out soon) that I am dying to see! Among them: 500 Days of Summer, Paper Heart, and the new Harry Potter (hey, I was waiting for Imax, okay?).

Become engrossed in a video game. I’m not much of a gamer, but I believe I have lost years of my life to Animal Crossing. I desperately want The Sims 3 but I’m waiting until I can find a used copy.

Buy some new shoes. Everything is on sale right now!

Eat cake at a restaurant that specializes in desserts. I took a friend to Oh So Good the other day and ordered the vanilla layer cake, arguably the most boring item they had on offer. It was the most miraculous vanilla layer cake I have ever tasted.

Flip through the new issue of Bust Magazine. It has Diablo Cody on the cover. In all honesty, I find Bust a little hit-and-miss in the past couple of years, and I wish they’d stop with the rhyming taglines already, but this particular issue is content-packed and will keep you busy for hours on end.

Trim your bangs. The trick is to do everything in reverse. Pull them across your forehead in the opposite direction from which you want them to fall, then trim section-by-section, also cutting against the direction you want them to fall in. For example, my bangs are angled to the right, so I trim the sections angled to the left. The critical element is to never let the scissors close entirely as you’re snipping… the object is to chip in gradually, not to hack in huge chunks. If you do this right, you end up with a nice smooth angle that doesn’t fall too heavily.

Clear out some of your junk. Seriously, you have too much stuff. So do I. You don’t need to buy heaps of organizational tools (i.e. more stuff), you just need to get rid of some of it. It’s actually not that hard… just be ruthless. Just because you loved Dazed And Confused in high school (but haven’t watched it since) doesn’t mean you should hang on to that old VHS copy of it forever and ever and ever. Just let it go.

Take a nice walk around your neighbourhood. Unless your neighbourhood is York and Dalhousie, in which case you might want to just stay in after dark. Yikes.

Sing along to Taylor Swift songs. Come on. She’s adorable. The whole world loves her. And Love Story is one of those songs that’s deceptively easy to sing. Even if you’re tone deaf, you will sound awesome singing Love Story.

Watch an entire television series on dvd. Steve & I are currently plugging our way through every Gilmore Girls episode ever made. It takes a weird degree of discipline to do this, especially if you commit to not watching anything else until you’re through.

I’ll see you again when I’m all settled in the new apartment!


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