28 Jul

Hello, full plate! Ye gads, I’m busy right now.

Steve and I are in the process of finding a new apartment. We need a place for September 1st. We already have a moving van rented, but no actual place to move to. We’ve looked at 4 places, 2 of which we thought were kind of sort of okay, but in retrospect, none of them were even acceptable, never mind good. It was just that two were so terrible, they made the other two seem alright by comparison. So, last night I buckled down and consulted the internet. I found no less than thirty possible dwellings. Surely one of them must be good.

See, my problem is that when it comes to living spaces, I don’t want to settle for good. I want it to be great. And I loved our last apartment. Yes, it was small… too small, in fact, to contain all of our stuff… but it was in a great location, and the elevators were spacious enough that I didn’t have panicky fits every time I stepped in them (I’m scared of elevators), and it was quiet, and the other tenants were great (in that always-hold-the-elevator-for-you sort of way), and we had underground parking, and it could fit our sofa and our chair and our coffee table and our dining room table, and it had a real kitchen (none of this “galley kitchen” nonsense). Honestly, the only real drawback was that you could hear your neighbours peeing.

I lived there a year; not once did I hear sounds of passionate love being made. But you could always hear people peeing. So that was weird.

Anyway, aside from the Great Apartment Hunt, I also have a wedding to attend (Steve’s friend’s), and a wedding to plan and participate in (that would be ours, then), and Safe Guide to complete, and other assorted tasks, various and sundry.

That’s a great term, “various and sundry.”

Things I need to accomplish this week:
+ Print off examples of various resumes, so that I am duly prepared when I finally make it to employment counselling.
+ Call and view eleventy-billion apartment buildings.
+ Ensure I have everything I need in order to apply for a marriage license.
+ Finish reading that silly young adult novel I started long ago! (Fun fact: I refused to read YA novels when I was a teenager, but now I love them.)
+ Complete Safe Guide.
+ Go to a wedding! Whee! Free champagne!

Bye for now!


2 Responses to “Journally.”

  1. Adam M July 28, 2009 at 5:14 am #

    What kind of place are you looking for? Do you want a big building kind of thing? I just walked past a heritage old-mansion type one on MacLaren and Elgin… the type that have around 12 apartments in them (but not usually elevators). Some of them are scummy and some of them a re beautiful so I thought I’d throw that out there.

    • beeks July 28, 2009 at 10:39 pm #

      We actually just signed a lease application today! Not the ideal location (suburbia, on a street that’s literally adjacent to the one I grew up on) but it’s 200 square feet bigger than our last place and the landlord made us a spectacular deal. Thanks for the thought, though!

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