Things To Look Forward To…

20 Jul

I hate to admit it, but I am currently suffering from an acute case of the doldrums. 

I think that what I need is to shift my focus, find some things to look forward to rather than wallowing in abject misery all the time. And so…

The wedding. People keep asking me how the planning’s going. Maybe this is a terrible sign, but so far, there just hasn’t been that much to plan. I mean… we plan to get married. We have a venue, we have an officiant, I have a dress… as far as I’m concerned, we’re good to go! But either way, planning or no… it’s the biggest thing I have to look forward to right now. I am more excited for this than I will probably be for anything else in my life, ever.

Someone else’s wedding/break from work.  A friend of Steve’s is getting married the first weekend of August. We’ll be travelling by train to attend it, which is so, so fun to begin with… and it means I get 5 days off from work. Yay! This is the first substantial amount of time I’ll have been off work since November 1st. I’m also deeply excited to wear the new dress I got specifically for the wedding. 

This coming weekend. A couple of Steve’s friends are coming to town, and there is an Egyptian festival going on, apparently. I suspect there will be good food at said Egyptian festival; thus, I plan to attend. 

Finding a new place to live. This is actually going to be a bit tricky. We have to strike the right balance of awesome neighbourhood vs. affordable place. I’m just really keen to get out of suburbia. I miss Centretown and its easy access to everything. I miss the noise. Suburbs kind of creep me out.

Finding a new job. In all likelihood this will take months, or even years. But it’s gonna happen eventually! It can’t not. I just need to figure out the most efficient way to make the change happen, that’s all.

My schmancy little stats counter in the corner tells me that there are people finding this little blog, and potentially even reading it! So c’mon, people! I know you’re out there… what are you most looking forward to right now?  


One Response to “Things To Look Forward To…”

  1. Adam M July 21, 2009 at 3:16 am #

    I also have this problem.

    I highly recommend renting copious amounts of Big Love on DVD and learning about polygamy.

    This is what is getting me through it, since there is no summer to enjoy.

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