For All The Complaining I Do…

19 Jul

Yes, I am very very poor. Yes, my feet ache from wearing dress shoes on concrete for extended hours. Yes, the general public can often seem dim-witted at best, downright hostile at worst… but as jobs in retail go, mine is actually pretty damn good. 

Don’t think for a second this means I’m going to stop complaining about it, because trust me, the down points are too entertaining not to share. But, for the sake of balance, let’s also acknowledge that it maybe, possibly, isn’t quite as awful as all that. 

Today was awesome for the following reasons:
– My favourite customer came in.
– My co-worker treated me to a frozen hot chocolate from Second Cup, which the barista apparently upgraded from a small to a medium for her, for free.
– That same co-worker (who is very, very innocent) uttered the words “I saw dogs mate once. It was awful!” 

Tomorrow I’m going for a cake tasting session. I got a sneak peek of the goods today, and can I just say, oh my god?? Apparently I’ll be trying mocha, red velvet, pecan something or other, marble, some kind of double-chocolate confection… hello, cupcake smorgasbord!


2 Responses to “For All The Complaining I Do…”

  1. Adam M July 19, 2009 at 2:52 am #

    What is red velvet?…

    • beeks July 19, 2009 at 3:10 am #

      From the one past experience I have with it, it is semisweet in a not-quite-chocolatey way, and decidedly red. I suspect there is sour cream in there somewhere, but I choose to ignore it.

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