Shopping and Sleep… Good Day Off!

15 Jul

My mom took me shopping today on her tab because I am dirt poor and she likes to spoil me, tee hee! I don’t think I abused the privilege too much… She bought me a little ruffled clutch to take with me to a wedding I’m attending in August, some lip balm from Lush, the quick-dry nail varnish stuff that I need in order to paint my nails (or else I make a messy smudgy mess of everything, ugh), and the graphic garden palette from mac which was way too expensive but she wouldn’t let me say no! My mom is sweet like that… I was admiring it and the conversation went something as follows:

“You need that.”

“It’s beautiful, huh? I even like the blue… I don’t normally like blue!”

“How long would you have to save for that?”

“Oh, it’s only half my monthly budget.” 

“I’ll buy it for you!”

“No! It’s 42 dollars!!”

(Saleslady approaches) “Can I help you with anything?”

(Mom) “We need this.” (points to palette.) 

Trust me, there is no stopping my mom when she wants to shop. 

Anyway, I’m excited to play with my new goodies! I’m a bit of a reformed Shopaholic (reformed because of necessity, you understand). You don’t need to know just how much I related to Becky Bloomwood when I read that book… so I’m very appreciative when Mom takes me out to treat me to some new stuff!

And then after shopping, I came home and lay down and fell asleep for about three hours. Oooooooops.


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