Another Lost Weekend…

10 Jul

It looks like all my get up and go completely got up and went. 

There’s so much I have to do! I have to clean Gus’ cage. I have to complete Safe Guide so I can still be a guider next year. I have to get these living quarters cleaned up to a respectable degree, and I have to start re-packing so it won’t be a big task come September. Which reminds me, I also have to start apartment hunting with Steve. 

And there’s that small matter of a wedding that’s coming up. 

Even so, my butt is glued to this bed. The past two days were my days off (my “weekend,” as it were), and I accomplished nothing, nothing at all. Much time was devoted to Twitter and im’ing with my friend Devon. 

This week, I will get things done. I will I will I will.  

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