Reasons I Love Steve…

7 Jul

…include but are not limited to the following: 

* He cooks amazing delicious food.

* He gets up to drop me off at work even when he doesn’t need to roll out of bed for another hour or two.

* He kills scary scary bugs for me even though I know he’d rather capture them in a cup and release them outside (I maintain that if you do this, they will come back). 

* When I complain that I can’t sleep, he scootches down so that I can lie in “the nook,” which essentially guarantees I’ll be out in five minutes flat. 

* He can never remember if you “steep” tea or if you “stoop” it. 

Tonight there was a terrifying bug in our room. At first I thought it was a moth, because of the slow, lazy way that it flew around the room. But then it landed. And I realized it was not, in fact, a moth, but rather, an ALIEN. So Steve had to come in and murder it while I cowered in the hallway, occasionally piping up helpfully with “…is it dead? …is it dead?” I really would like to learn to take the higher path and respect all forms of life and release insects back into the wild when I discover them indoors… but dude, that thing might have a stinger! 

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